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Yogi tea

Updated: Aug 12

The Restorative Tonic of Kundalini Gurus and Practitioners “To live a life of excellence where you control things and not the other way around, drink Yogi Tea because it gives you a constant maintenance to wake up inside of you, not just outside of you” Yogi Bhajan In 1969 Yogi Bhajan brought his recipe for Yogi Tea with him from India to the US in order to help people balance their nervous systems and restore their mental tranquility. This healing tea, which has roots in Ayurevedic medicine, is both a remedy for many common ailments of the modern age, as well as a preventative tonic for the mind and body. It is naturally sweetened, and slightly spicy, the perfect grounding beverage to bring you back down to earth after moving energy up through your body during kundalini yoga practice. Yogi Bhajan knew that the information age was going to overload everybody’s nervous system. He saw people drinking multiple cups of coffee and witnessed the havoc that wreaked on the nerves. He foresaw a computer sickness that would create depression and insomnia. He believed people were going to feel empty and useless and that relationships and communities would begin to breakdown. Whole generations of children raised on smart phones and superficial smart screen relationships. Instant gratification and the desensitized human soul, bombarded by hyper sexualized, violent imagery and relentless target advertising. A world where true human interactions and personal confidence are hard to find. He predicted this change in 1972, and now we can truly see this change happening all around us and in our own lives. Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, are becoming recognized as an excellent deterrent to this modern psychosis. People will drink Yogi Tea and use Kundalini technology to combat the computer sickness, and restore the nervous system. The people who are riding on multiple cups of coffee each day are the ones that are the first to convert to Yogi Tea, noticing that sustained inner energy comes from breath work and natural herbs, rather than caffeine. True serenity is not in how many “likes” you get, but may be found in the still moments after class amongst friends with a warm cup of herbal tea in your hands. In this fast paced, hectic era, a moment of calmness with Yogi Tea brings tranquility to the overstimulated mind, an inner peace that will stay with you throughout your day. Yogi Tea was originally formulated to cleanse and balance the liver, spleen, and immune system. It is made for those who live an active lifestyle and need an all natural beverage to charge and build the immune system. Its components include; Ginger, a natural immune boosting supplement which has been shown to kill bacteria and is naturally warming, allowing the body to move freely and release toxins. It relieves cold symptoms, cramps, and nausea, and aids in digestion. Cardamom increases circulation and is antimicrobial. Spices remove dampness from the body helping the spleen to function optimally. Cinnamon aids blood circulation throughout the body, helping with digestion, and gently warming the body to help fight infection, cold, and congestion. Black pepper detoxifies the body and naturally lowers blood pressure. And a pinch of Black Tea which invigorates the nervous system and energizes the body for the day to come ( Many of the mentally and physically draining symptoms of the modern technology age can be combated and reversed by drinking Yogi Tea on a regular basis. Nausea, fatigue, bloating, digestive issues, stress, high blood pressure, can all be alleviated with the spices steeped in this tonic. Instead of further stressing your body with synthetic pharmaceuticals and their dangerous side effects, you can cure your ailments with the herbal supplements provided by mother nature and used for thousands of years by human beings. This can help bring you in touch with your soul, your mind, your thoughts. Sip some Yogi Tea with us after one of our Kundalini classes or join us for our SpiritualiTea Meditation.

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