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The Star light body

Updated: Feb 19

article by Soluntra King


The Star Light Body assists us to hold our higher dimensional self that needs to be, and is awakened now. As we exist in the New Earth and are here creating from our love a beautiful realm for all to exist. We can hold that essences of creation without any of the old energy issues, and also open to the Creation Matrix that is here now to assist us to be the Creator Goddess Gods we are.


The Star Light Body is not relative to the number of DNA Light codes activated and utilised. It’s beyond those concepts, when we have unified ourselves to the point of not needing to know, but simply are the knowing. Awareness expanded to the endless vastness and the deepest stillness and nothingness.  Being the love and in our Star Light Body we access higher realms within our self, able to hold very high frequencies of Light.

The Star Light Body is a vessel for the Starlines to integrate with matter, our unification of Earth and Star, and the new DNA light codes. 



To move through the multi-verses to integrate and anchor star codes from one universe to the other of form. The un-manifest to the manifest world for new life and birthing, new creating in the Living Library of Light.

Your body can then move inter-dimensionally and into universally with ease and adjust to the other realms as required even though you still exist in the third dimension. You are the Star/Sun of your true self, you can now relate and experience and be with your family of light at that level, who support and embrace you, and so happy that you have returned home to yourself, remembered more fully and open to your divinity.

The Star fields are part of your Star Light Body, you are a Star and all your body holds the Star fields of all creation. You are ‘the everything, and the nothing’. Your Star Light Body vibrationally expands your energy bodies and physical body so you are able to hold the higher Light octaves for the benefit of all, as our Earth and all on her ascend into the higher dimensional version of self with all life. The Star Light Body harmonises with your energy bodies and physical body in a resonance that makes it easier to awaken to bigger and bigger pictures of creation, and your own part in the divine play. It expands your awareness to connect consciously with your Star Selves and Families as you remember that you are the Love and Peace. That you came into the densest plane of existence to illuminate it from within your own self through your own body. Transmuting cellular memory at the densest levels from the highest vibrations of yourself that you are aware of still in form and no form. You become a doorway for the celestial sounds and harmonies of the stars to again be in harmony with our Earth. Just as in previous golden cycles the Earth and Stars all one, aligned connected and flowing in liquid light plasma of harmonic synchronized lines of divine essence through the Earth, the Sun and Stars all one through our own body, the Sun, Earth, Stars all one. 

YOUR ENERGY IN YOUR BODY WILL CHANGE;  You might no longer be into doing a lot of things you did before, or ate before, or mind sets you had before.  It’s like a big clearing out of all the lower vibrational energy that you held onto, to support you in the duality world, and no longer needs to be maintained.

This might evoke what you might consider a negative impact as first, like a healing crisis as your body adjusts to the new frequencies.  If you have done enough inner work and it’s meant to be, it could even mean you no longer need chakras or kundalini. As surprised as that may seem its normal when you exist in higher frequencies of Light. But you may want more sleep, need it, eat food still, there is no judgement or right or wrong with any of these things, it is all a personal thing that happens as we all have so many different timelines of experience that make each of us unique, so don’t expect or assume anything. To be of service, come from an open heart, be fully present, be in a state of allowing and acceptance, and at peace within are the only goals and state that are worth mentioning. All the rest is back into the old paradigm magician realms, or control manipulation and fear. Don’t try and teleport, bi-locate or think you have to be a super person. Humble and loving is where it’s at. You have already done all that, but is it what is really required of you right now? Those things are perfectly normal and happen when meant to, meanwhile we have chosen to be in service by being in a body, in this moment.


The Star Light Body is utilized best when in heart centered, Source connected service and BeAm-ing. It is not a level of light body that one aspires to. It is a gift and blessing that comes from inner union, surrendering, trusting, being guided from within, following ones joy, awakened to the multi-dimensional self and in loving service, often simply by Being the Love, at peace in oneness.               


At this level of our Being; in the Cosmic Ocean, it is calm and beautiful, the matrix of woven essence of creation through it. So multiversal with endless Solar Systems, Galaxies, Universes, endless and interwoven. Beyond that there is an enormous Sun. It moves constantly observing what is taking place through all the endless layers and when there is an imbalance, regardless how small, it sends a ray of Light to it. This could be aeons and aeons of time in the denser realms, but the ray of Light always comes to repair it. Existing beyond this cosmic soup and in space, the nothing, but of course there is more beyond. In the ray of Light sent through time and space are multiple rays of Light and they become forms of Light, Beings who then observe at lower levels what is occurring and send Light when appropriate to the lower realms. But this light is not the Light that would bring up fear as we would know on Earth. Many years ago I realised one never sends Light to anyone or thing, as it’s interfering and ego based and brings up pain in those it is sent to. This Light is pure love and it contains myriad codes that eventually filter though the density and collective consciousness to awaken those who are experiencing trauma, fear, duality and all its plays and it awakens from within those who are open enough to receive it. As they/us start to remember their/our divinity and in turn become that ray of Light that is filled with Love, acceptance, allowing and that glows out to all who are open to receive it.

THE STELLAR CRYSTAL LIGHT BODY The Stellar Crystal Light Body is all part of our Star Light Body, it is us we are one with the Earth.

The Earth is so light and the Beings in the Middle and Inner Earth working with the Star Beings as the Earth is the Stellar Crystal Earth, she’s in her Stellar Crystal Body. From all the Love, our meditations, prayers, worldwide link-ups we are participating in we have awakened even more the Love that we are. The Light glows through our bodies as the Earth herself is so Light, she is a Stellar Crystal and our bodies are changing fast now to the Stellar Crystals we are.


The Star Light Body was brought into my awareness after the Light Template was anchored at Avebury Libra New Moon Oct 3 2016 through the multi-verses and the Stones.

It has then been necessary to be holding that frequency of Star Light as the Starlines come through at some very power vortexes and also happened to be where Crystal Skulls are under the Earth.  This is exhilarating and our higher levels of consciousness are beaming us to remember ourselves at that frequency, connecting with everyone as we all wake up and remember.

It was also necessary to be in the Star Light Body as the Unified Light Matrix linked through the Inner Earth Sun and Greater, Greater, Greater, Greater, Greater Central Suns at the June Solstice 2017, then as the New Creation Matrix anchored September 2017 at Avebury as the Torus field connected the umbilical cord of the new and old Earths. As well as all the bigger picture shifts since with the higher universe stars coming through and the new DNA codes for our completely new bodies.


In order to utilize this vibration of our self we have opened to the denser levels of our Light Body; the Blue, Violet, White, Gold, Pearlescent, Iridescent, Diamond, and then our Star Light Body. to experience the full effect  of your Star Light Body if you have not worked with the stepping up of your Light Body it is recommended that you experience the other bodies. 

That includes connecting through the Suns, being your Earth Sun Body, Grounding,  opening up to your Star Chakras and Diamonds, multi-prismed Star Light. Then connecting to the Diamond Light Matrix and the doorway through into your Star Light Body. As you receive the Star Light Essences and then into deep space for what you are aligned for. Finishing with points to rub to harmonize and enhance your physical body one with your Star Light Body. Open to a name that expresses your higher self and a mudra that expresses your divine essence. 

WHY BOTHER YOU MIGHT ASK? Being in your Star Light Body helps you in all your life; in a practical sense with your relationships, work and abundance, you have an open heart, trust, allow, have compassion for self and others. Deeper levels of love for all life, communicate more easily with others, elementals, all nature, your star family. Understand the bigger picture and so feel at peace within, know that all is shifting fast, no fear of the future or of death, destruction. Living in the New Earth already as your love creates it to be stronger and more radiant for all, as well as yourself. Not affected or influenced by the old paradigm archon induced slumber and victimhood. Not being food and a slave in the illusion of the programed world of material desires and deception of what life is all about.

To be at this level we can even move beyond the need for chakras or kundalini. Vibrating in a purer frequency of Love. We are still in a physical body, the name of the game is full integration, spirit and matter. Not escaping, not going anywhere, but everywhere at once.

of Plenty, New Zealand 

Permission is given to copy and redistribute this article on the trust that the contents remain complete, all credit is given to the author and it is freely distributed.

Shared posthumously with great gratitude for Soluntra's lifetime of work and sharing

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