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Harnessing the Power of the Solstice Energies, and the Lightbody Merkaba

Updated: Feb 19

Many people wonder what does astrology and Intergalactic civilizations have to do with lightbody yoga practices. The reasons are countless, but in essence, we are made of stardust.

Lightbody yoga practices is rooted in the understanding that we are cosmic beings connected intergalactically and part of the vastness of the universe. We are part of a larger cosmic web that includes the Earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the constellations and the universe. We know we are not alone in this universe and for those that thought we were, the recent revelations of our governments hiding extraterrestrial craft and crew from us has not been ”debunked”. Thus, we are galactic citizens, inhabiting this tiny planet Earth. And we are remembering who we are. As we do this and begin to awaken more and more to our potential, we raise our vibration and activate our lightbody to hold a higher frequency of energy.

What is Lightbody?

Your Lightbody, also known as the Merkaba, is an energetic grid of sacred healing light and geometry that unifies your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. It emits light energy and establishes an electromagnetic connection between your multidimensional self (4D and beyond) and the boundless universe.

The term “MerKaBa” is derived from ancient Egypt, meaning “Mer”(light), “Ka”(soul), and “Ba” (body). It represents your ascension vehicle and requires activation. By utilizing electrical currents, it links you to your cells, DNA, and encoded information, facilitating physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. It also aids in discovering and manifesting hidden gifts, latent talents, innate healing abilities, and your soul's purpose. As you activate, build, and integrate your Lightbody, your molecular structure reorganizes, allowing your body to become less dense and more aligned with Source energy. This process enables more light to enter your field, including your physical body. I always emphasize to my students that we are simply building their container of light with this practice.

The sacred geometry of the Lightbody or Merkaba is symbolized by the Star of David, reflecting the precise geometry of eight cells formed at conception. These cells serve as the focal point for all energy fields and grids surrounding the body. The star of David is a two-dimensional representation of a Merkaba and represents divine protection. A Merkaba, on the other hand, is a three-dimensional star tetrahedron comprising two triangular pyramids—one facing upward and the other downward. It harmonizes male and female energies. Thus, the Merkaba field acts as the blueprint for your physical and subtle bodies, delineating your life's journey, dharma path (soul purpose), and their manifestation.

The Lightbody transcends space, time, and dimensional realities. It activates each cell to a specific magnetic resonance, establishing a heightened connection with God-source unity consciousness. As described by Lisa Renee in the Ascension Glossary, it establishes you as “God, Sovereign, and Free.” The Merkaba represents the expansive energy field encompassing the entire human energy field consisting of multiple layers, encompassing the etheric, mental, astral, and emotional bodies—all aspects of the light body. It extends out several feet when fully energized and you feel you are connected to Source energy. It is what Esther Hick’s refers to as “being in the vortex.”

Lightbody Yoga to Activate the Lightbody.

We raise our vibration through various physical yoga postures and breathing techniques as well as meditation and sound healing. Through toning with our voices and/or listening to different instruments like crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums, chimes and more we introduce vibratory tones we cannot reach with our voices. All of this has an effect upon our brains, our central nervous system and our mental, emotional and spiritual (etheric) bodies. All of these bodies working in unison with the addition of the subtle energy of the chakras, nadis and axitonal lines give form to what is called our Lightbody or Merkaba.

Now, let’s get back to astrology and the galactic weather report. Have you heard of the constellation Ophiuchus and the 13 th sign? We have been exploring this in classes recently and in our newsletters. See Newsletter June 1, 2023 here

During this Solstice season, something special happens on the Earth with the activation of the ley lines, or energy grids found along the various sacred sites and within the planet. And something special is happening in the sky as well. This New Moon in the Gemini aligned with the Sun, the Silver Gate and the Orion constellation. This alignment created a powerful connection with the Golden Doorway or Golden Gate.

In the sky, there are two significant paths: the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate. The Golden Gate was associated with the gods and represented the path around the galactic center near Ophiuchus.

On the other hand, the Silver Gate, associated with humanity, corresponded to the path where the Orion constellation sits. Ophiuchus and Orion symbolize opposite paths, representing our spiritual journey. Eventually, these paths converge at the Gate of the Gods, marking different stages of our spiritual progress.

Within the Ophiuchus location, we find the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius and the Great Attractor at 14 degrees Sagittarius. These positions oppose the New Moon and Sun. The Galactic Center acts as a link to the quantum field, providing solutions, upgrades, and evolution.

The Great Attractor represents the inclusion and integration of different aspects into a whole.

As Earth enters the photon belt, a region of high-frequency energy in the galactic plane, our consciousness expands, and our Lightbody activation intensifies. This cosmic alignment accelerates our spiritual evolution, allowing us to awaken dormant abilities and remember our galactic heritage. Earth’s entry into the Photon light belt has resulted in the gradual weakening of the Earth’s Magnetosphere and the Solar System's heliosphere. This shift in the magnetic field allows an increased saturation of cosmic rays into our inner solar system. In the ongoing 12- month cycle known as the Magnum Opus, or 13 th constellation Ophiuchus, we are going through various transformation, transfiguration and integration stages associated with these specific constellations at this point in time. The progression through introduces different Alchemical Laws activated by the quality of Silver-Gold frequency transmitted to our Sun and planetary body. The Silver Ray dissolves into the Golden Gate, activating a new element called Fire/Water, which facilitates the process of inner Unification.

In the last few months, our Lightbody yoga classes have been focused on clearing and shedding density. Last week we had a rebirthing with the activation of the Rose Breath through the Mouth of God axis in the pineal gland. These classes have served us well to prepare for these Solstice energies which will culminate this week in our Solar Synthesis practice. The Rose line, which is a 333 rose portal is what is being activated now. We have been having several classes embracing this rose energy and will continue to do so during this activation period.

During this Solstice season, it is essential to engage in practices that support the activation and integration of the light codes coming onto the planet and into our bodies. Lightbody yoga, offers a powerful means of achieving this. It combines physical postures, breathwork, meditation, visualization techniques and sound to activate and harmonize the energy centers and light channels within the body. Lightbody yoga helps us balance and align our chakras, cleanse our energy field, and open pathways for the flow of cosmic energy. Through specific movements, postures, meditations and toning, we activate the spinning motion of the Merkaba within our energy field, allowing it to expand and connect with higher frequencies. This process enhances our connection with divine Source and facilitates healing, to accelerate our spiritual growth and ascension journey. In addition to yoga and meditation, other practices such as sound healing, crystal therapy, and energy work can also support the building of our Lightbody ascension vehicle. These modalities help us attune to higher frequencies, release energetic blockages, and align with the cosmic energies flowing through the Earth and the Universe.

As we progress on our spiritual journey, we may experience various signs and symptoms of transformation often referred to a ascension symptoms. These can include physical changes, aches and pains, heightened intuition, expanded consciousness, increased sensitivity to energy, vivid dreams, synchronicities, and a deep sense of connection with all of creation. It is important to approach the process of Lightbody activation with patience, self-compassion, and an open heart. Each individual's journey is unique, and the timing and experiences may vary. It is a process of deepening our connection with our own divinity and embracing our role as co-creators in the cosmic tapestry.

Remember, the activation of the Lightbody is not just an individual endeavor but also a collective awakening. As more individuals activate their Lightbodies and anchor higher frequencies on Earth, it creates a ripple effect, assisting in the transformation of the entire planet and the evolution of human consciousness. As you activate your Lightbody, you contribute to the expansion of love, light, and consciousness in the universe, co-creating the New Earth, a new era of peace, harmony, and unity for all beings. Embrace your cosmic nature, nurture your Lightbody, and embark on this sacred journey of self-discovery and divine remembrance.

If you’re interested in learning more, join us for Lightbody Yoga at CommuniTea. Don’t live here? Stay tuned for the launch of our online and in-person Lightbody Mystery School called ECKASHA (Energetic, Crystal, Kundalini, and Spiritual Healing Academy). More information will be coming soon.

May your journey be filled with blessings and profound transformation.

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