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Happy New Year

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

2023 is here and that means everyone moves into a new number for their numerology. Even the Earth. This year is a 7 year for the planet in Tantric Numerology representing the auric body. The gift for the cycles 5, representing the physical body. While the planet is entering a 7 year (2+0+2+3=7), your personal annual cycle and gift will be most likely be a different number. Very few people know about these three numbers and even fewer know how to make them work for their maximum benefit. They are called the “Planetary Cycle Number”, the “Personal Annual Cycle Number”, and the “Gift of the Personal Annual Cycle”. Knowing how to use them is like having your very own gigantic telescope that helps you see into your future, one month at a time.

They change for every calendar year, beginning on January 1st and ending on Dec 31st. They influence your state of mind, your levels of activity and health, your finances and romance, your relationship to family and community – even the

progress of nations! They support your soul in facing your karmas, taking advantage of numerous opportunities, and helping you make headway on your Destiny Path.

As mentioned above the Earth is now in a 7 year with a 5 gift. In general, the number 7 represents the aura and the number 5 represents the physical body. To say the energy of the collective is physically moving us into the New Earth is an understatement. 2023 will be a year that changes our lives forever. In the 7 Planetary Cycle Year of 2023 in the Northern Hemisphere, we will see a beginning rebirth of belief in ourselves, as the vulnerable months for disease move closer to the warm mid-year months. This transition is eventually complete by the 9 Cycle year of 2025 – the summer months are all that remain exposed to infection and an easier time to win out over disease.

This Aura body is the platform of elevation. It is also known as the Divine Shield. Having a strong identity is a reflection of a strong aura. Handling issues like a warrior! Being inspiring to others is a key for this year. This relates to 5th chakra, the voice. Collectively we want to be heard, we want our voices to count. The challenges for a 7 year are a tendency to be swayed by our surroundings and what is being projected at us along with an inability to deal with inner issues and/or using negative language against ourselves. There could also be a tendency to isolate ourselves becoming like hermits. Another theme of a 7 year is avoiding intimacy; being rebellious or dissociative; checking out by daydreaming and becoming unconnected. The physical impact of all this relates to the nervous system or throat. The remedy for this is singing, chanting, dancing, bathing, cold water showers or plunges. All of this is very clearing and effective for the aura. When we clear our aura’s we strengthen ourselves and the planet.

The number 7 is known as the “Platform of Elevation.” Properly used, this number brings inspiration to us collectively, whether in a chant, a song or an uplifting speech. This cycle is also one that often needs to set boundaries and must deal with internal doubts and worries.

The New Year starts with an 8 month in January, there will be anger but also a new spirit of life-force that prompts outreach. Whatever we start in January we must make even better in the 9- month of February so as the 10 month of March rolls out we can gradually see more freedom. There is a big shift of energy in March of 2023.

Therefore, the motto for the year is “Chant don’t Rant!” in order to keep up and clear the aura of yourself and the planet. Chanting is the gift of the 5- physical body. Chanting clears the 5th chakra. Ranting equates with worry as well as doubt. Mantra or prayer stop the mind’s thoughts, and when we stop our thoughts, we stop worry and doubt. The choice is ours to either wallow in worry, self-doubt and withdrawing energy or to make this a year of spiritual upliftment. We want to shin our aura’s brightly and help each other with empowering word and raised frequencies.

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