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Crystal Body Upgrades

Welcome to the May and the New Moon in Taurus.

Mars has entered its home sign of Aries and sitting at 2°, and we're fueled with a fresh energy, igniting our determination to bring about change. Venus, the sign of love, beauty, creativity and money is also in her home sign of Taurus.  The focal point of the month, however, is Pluto stationing and starting it’s retrograde from innovative, freedom loving  Aquarius back into Capricorn. For the last time in our lives Pluto will enter the sign of Capricorn and stay at the 29th degree until November.  Anyone with planets from 27 to 2 degrees of any sign, particularly the cardinal signs of Aries, Capricorn, Cancer or Libra will find this transit particularly impactful. Whenever planets are stationed at the 29th degree it reflects their shadow side. For Pluto in Capricorn this might manifest as power struggles or attempts at exerting control over the population. We have witnessed countless examples of this over the past four years especially and in the next few month there will be one more grand attempt at it.  Be ready and know much of the world is waking up to this and will not stand for it.


To further exacerbate this there are four more planets transitioning signs, all reaching the critical 29° degree point, intensifying their shadow qualities. As an example, Venus, typically associated with love, creativity, and abundance, may exhibit traits like greed or jealousy at this 29th degree.

 With the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus we have quite the stellium in effect. The sign of Taurus emphasizes security, consistency, disliking abrupt changes, yet Jupiter conjunct Uranus there indicates unexpected life shifts and innovative changes that are sometimes radical in nature. Uranus is often explosive and weird and quirky.  Jupiter expands everything around it and is often referred to as the teacher in our lives. Surprising epiphanies and awareness can spring up in our awareness. Taurus, an earth sign, loves stability and also likes to feel pleasure and comfort.  Taurus urges us to get into our bodies and feel. Beckoning us to slow down and smell the roses, get grounded and feel solid like a rock. This new moon will have us seeking solace in stillness, perhaps through connection with nature.  It is a time to set some intentions, embrace the joy in simplicity, and find activities that bring you pleasure. One awesome pleasure of Spring is basking in the sunlight and absorbing the solar light codes.


Many solar activations are occurring in the past year and they have not slowed down as evidence by the latest Spaceweather report found here,

We are definitely in the Solar symbiosis cycle. As a result of these solar activities including X- class solar flares, coronal mass ejections and disruptions to the Schumann resonance, which is the heartbeat of the earth, we are experiencing activations in our Crystal Bodies.  These Crystal Body activations, that effect the lightbody, are attuning it to the solar light codes. As the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening and the sun and moon approach alignment with the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, in this new moon phase, we are picking up Pleiadean magnetic tones.  These tones help us stabilize which is exactly what we should be doing in Taurus season. Solar symbiosis, a process which blends physical matter with solar fire plasma light symbol codes. Many of us are experiencing the light from the sun in very different and dramatic ways. The sun is literally activating our dormant DNA with her light codes. Our Sun, is the eighth Sun Star from the Pleiades or Seven Sisters star cluster within the Taurus Constellation. It journeys through this constellation from mid-May to mid-June (taking into account the 13th sign of the zodiac) and this new moon sets off this alignment. The Sun’s light codes are entering our atmosphere and not only are they transmitting to us and everything on the planet, they are penetrating right into the Earth's Crystal core.  During this time, oceanic plasma waves are transmitting and facilitating the reconnection of our Sun's magnetic core to harmonize with the stars of her Seven Sisters, setting a new planetary resonance pattern in the Earth’s grids. This reunion with the Pleiades and the waves coming in not only cleanses a significant portion of the collective’s miasmatic records but also neutralizes the impacts of trauma timelines stemming from the Fall of Tara.


As the old paradigms of third dimensional consciousness dismantle with Pluto's retrograde in Pisces and eventually dissolve when Pluto comes back into Aquarius, so does our egoic layer of the lightbody. Assisting us are the oceanic plasma waves presenting as the Emerald Ray sound tones of Ma Ha Ra. These tones activate the atoms in our cells to adjust and harmonize with the vibrations of the higher frequencies.


According to Lisa Rene from Energetic Synthesis, “The Emerald Order Blue Rays tend to be activated with silvery blues and azure pale turquoise. The Elohei-Elohim lineages have the gift of direct knowing, know which information is cellularly embodied and multiplied in the MA HA Tones. However, now MA HARA reveals to be more effective as it combines the Mother and offspring codes of the Emerald Order Mother lines with the Gold Order offspring lines. This is represented as MA HA RA.

The Emerald Order and Gold Order tones are blended together through the MA HA RA Tones which can be used to purify the body of shadow creatures or implants by intending to send the negative energy back into demanifestation from corrupted dark matter Rasha Instruction Sets, extracting shadow content out and away from your manifested presence.”


Our DNA holds the key to our spiritual evolution and connection to higher dimensions. By understanding and activating our DNA, we can unlock our true potential and transcend the limitations imposed by genetic manipulation.  The instruction set for the Diamond Sun DNA is held within the Crystal Body. The key to activating the Crystal Body is to open the high heart, chakra 8, Monadic center.  Once we can experience unconditional love and demonstrate loving kindness, a central tenant in Tibetan Buddhist teachings and mantra of The Dalai Lama, the door is open from our permanent seed atom to the Crystal Body and light waves from the Sun and other star beings transmit as light codes to us.  These codes work like instruction sets, directing energy and sound within our bodies. They activate more of our dormant DNA to improve our health and spiritual well-being.


When we live our lives in a way that reflects our highest spiritual values, we naturally attract higher frequencies and these light symbol codes that activate our Crystal Body. Unfortunately, there are groups who use light symbol codes for negative purposes, like spreading fear and disease. These codes can be programmed into the subconscious mind via AI to control how we think and feel. By doing this, they can prevent our DNA from reaching its fullest potential and keep us disconnected from Source. If you think this is far fetched check out this article from Reuters protecting our brainwaves from AI, . Many of us have noticed that without speaking a word, images from our thoughts are popping up onto our computers and smart phones. The AI technology is not just being used to target us for advertising. Not to worry, as we diligently keep up our practice and ascension work, these light activation codes clear artificial intelligence implants and consciousness traps.


Amidst these changes, the key is to maintain your center during the ascension activations.  Do your best to avoid being swept away by worry or fear. Give yourself time to integrate and ground to the Earth. Try longer periods of time away from phones, computers and other devices that can transmit AI as much as possible. The advice is to connect with nature, sit under the trees, immerse in the waters and smell the May flowers. Find joy filled activities throughout the day.


As we collectively build a new Earth, we draw upon the wisdom of indigenous peoples and benefic energy that surrounds us. Chiron is still in Aries showing us our ego wounding, but Chiron's wife, Chariklo, is also in play during this new moon. Chariklo, symbolizes profound healing, and acts as the soul midwife, she facilitates transitions and births the new within you. She is very soothing and comforting. Tap into her energy for a smoother integration during this season. Remember, everyone possesses innate healing abilities, and by sharing healing energy you in turn receive healing energy. As we navigate these transformative times, let's embrace our role as healers, anchors of the light and keepers of the flame, holding stability amidst change.

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With Love and Infinite Blessings,

Tina, Ardas Taran

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