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Unlocking the Power of the 2024 Eclipse Season: Diamond Sun Rainbow Lightbody Activations

Updated: Apr 2

Currently as we expand into the Spring Equinox energy there is a tremendous amount of powerful energy from space entering Earth's network. As a matter of fact, is reporting that “A CME struck Earth's magnetic field yesterday, sparking a severe geomagnetic storm--the strongest since Sept. 2017.” And this week another giant sunspot AR3615 may explode again. These are tremendous solar light upgrades activating our diamond sun lightbodies. This surge in solar light is linked to the sun's Solar Maximum cycle, particularly potent this April, and coinciding with the onset of the astrological new year and the eclipses. The interplay of these cosmic portals serves to illuminate hidden issues and conflicts within ourselves, our relationships, and society at large, which need to be addressed and healed. For more on the Trinity Portal see our last blog here


These cosmic energies are causing shifts in the way fundamental forces such as dark matter, interact. Think of it like a software update for the universe, aimed at restoring balance and harmony. This process involves the reconnection of various cosmic and planetary grids, along with central sun networks, and underground realms of the planet. These changes are especially noticeable in the underground parts of the planet, where elemental forces are being transformed to align with this new energy. Remember from previous blogs during the Solstices, that scientist Rory Duff, reports how the planetary leylines are extending in width by miles and are becoming more powerful, and by 2025 will all merge together in a beautiful state of unification and harmony for the next 200 years.  This is remarkably uplifting news.


Amidst this current zero-point energy, as the internal architecture of our lightbody is updating via ascension upgrades, many of us are experiencing something similar to a spiritual and/or health crisis.  Part of this has to do with the North Node of the planet being conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer in Aries, representing the self. This can result not only be a healing crisis, but an existential identity journey. That being said, the current duality, darkness, and negativity prevailing in the 3D timeline may feel overwhelming and exhausting juxtaposed with the blissful frequencies experienced in communion with Source. These upgrades are deeply intertwined with the activation of the Diamond Sun lightbody, also known as the I AM Presence, Sol Star, or Solar Christos. As we've progressed on our ascension path, every living being in the universe has started merging with their spiritual counterpart in a parallel universe. This merging involves connecting with higher crystalline light and sound frequencies. However, this process can be challenging and disorienting as we undergo these internal shifts.


Simultaneously, humanity experiences radical shifts within consciousness mirroring the planet's transformation with cosmic energies. These shifts include an influx of Monadic level 7D, 8D, and 9D energies, paving the path for Crystalline or Rainbow Body activations.

Monadic Integration aligns with divine purpose, enabling manifestation of destiny projects. Higher Heart Chakra Activation links with the 8th and 9th Chakras, leading to Monadic integration. The Soul-Monad Connection is essential for consciousness awakening and healing fragmented consciousness. While these levels can manifest swiftly, integration and rest remain paramount. The blending of parallel realities within the 7D to 9D layers of consciousness facilitates the return to our Original Divine Blueprint or Angelic Human 12 strand DNA architecture, embodying organic ascension within the physical vessel.

Various indigenous cultures have referred to this point in our evolution as the Eagle and Condor prophecy. The Eagle and Condor prophecy speaks of a split between masculine (Eagle) and feminine (Condor) paths. The prophecy foretells a 500-year period where masculine energies dominate, almost driving out feminine energies. Now, there's a potential for these energies to unite, fostering a new consciousness. It's crucial for humanity to activate this potential and balance feminine and masculine energies for a harmonious future.


This is the time of the Rainbow prophecy that speaks of a pivot point when all people will come together as "Warriors of the Rainbow" to create a new world of justice, peace, and freedom. Leaders will be chosen based on their integrity, actions, wisdom, and courage. This prophecy emphasizes unity and convergence between all cultures along with the assistance of Divine Avatars of higher consciousness in restoring Earth. Similar prophecies exist across various cultures, like the Vedic and Hindu philosophies signifying the end of the Kalu Yuga time cycle pointing towards an era of harmony and prosperity. Despite current challenges, these prophecies offer hope for a better future where all beings live in peace and respect. 


For me personally this translates into the resurrection of the Krystos/Krystalla within us all as we activate the next level of our ascension known as the Rainbow lightbody. This is when we have the Krist Code reactivated allowing for full At-One-ment to be experienced . This takes us from the Monadic level of the field to the Avatar level.  Remember the kundalini energy gets us to the  9th level or 9D.  From there we take the “Rainbow Bridge” to the Avatar level, 10D, 11D and 12D.   See image below from Energetic Synthesis.

In the Universal Ascension Model, 15 Waves of Frequency correlate with Universal Rays and Chakra systems. The Monadic dimension relates to 7th-dimensional timelines on future Earth, Gaia.


There are many avenues we have to come together during this important time.  Much of it revolves around gatherings involving sound and toning. Sound healings are very important for experiencing sound vibrational frequencies we cannot make with our physical body.  Toning seed syllable mantras like the natural harmonics of the Rasha Body, including its associated tones TA-MA-KA.  Please refer to Energetic Synthesis for more information.


Another available avenue to gather is on April 8, people around the world will start humming during the Solar Eclipse.  Simply join in during the eclipse in your time zone to the universal hum.  This will be a convergence of sound across the world happening during the 4 ½ minute time span of the eclipse event. We will be recreating the primordial sound of creation, with our intention and focus on LOVE. “The solar eclipse on 8 April 2024 is the most important event in human history for eons: it coincides with Solar Maximum and a new moon. This, combined with a spreading out in the Earth's ionosphere of free electrons will weaken the artificial matrix or grid which has been created using electromagnetic frequencies, designed to disconnect us from our Gaia.” There is information about it here


According to NASA, entering the U.S. through Texas, the solar eclipse will begin its partial eclipse phase at around 12:20 pm in CDT in Dallas on Monday, April 8. Totality is set to begin around 1:40 p.m. CDT until 1:44 p.m. CDT in Dallas, before completely ending at 3 p.m. CDT.  Therefore if you live in the Pacific time zone the time to chant or hum is 11:40am to 11:44 am. 


Please note our services and sessions sections of the website have been updated. If you would like a personal session for this eclipse season or any other type of healing activation, clearing, core fear removal or awakening session you can find them here at

Also stay tuned for Spiritual Rehab offerings under our coaching services. This is specifically designed for those struggling with addiction, chronic pain, or a deep sense of

disconnection. Together, we will navigate the complexities of addiction, recovery, and spiritual awakening, shedding light on the core wounds that have resulted in captive patterning lasting lifetimes. We will unlock the dormant potential within, restoring a state of balance, vitality, and inner peace.


May infinite blessings fall upon you. In the meantime, keep your eyes on the skies and a song in your hearts. 


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