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Releasing & Healing the Scorpio Shadow

Updated: May 6

Artwork by Susanne Amara

This Scorpio Full moon has us ready to purge, purify and heal.  Are you ready?  We are now prompted to delve deep into old belief systems and emotional attachments. The Sun shining a bright light on the 8thhouse highlights our needs, desires and passions, urging us to get out of our comfort zones. Scorpio is a very sexual house,  it also represents secrets, money, the occult, intimacy, merging and partners resources.  It is affiliated with other people’s money, taxes, inheritances, wills and investments. It is a time to look deep down, letting what is hidden beneath the conscious mind emerge for introspection, addressing and healing. This is happening on the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac chart. Taurus, earth and Scorpio, water together make mud! As we go deeper into this analysis keep in mind the famous quote by Thich Nhat Hanh, "No mud, no Lotus." Meaning without suffering through the darkness, muck and guck of the mud, we can not emerge victorious and bloom as the beautiful lotus flower.


The sun, sitting in the opposite sign of Taurus, bids us to get into our bodies and feel. Taurus likes to be grounded and feel good. It represents the love and pleasures of life as its ruling sign is Venus. Taurus also loves rocks, crystals and material things.  Taurus wants to feel good in the body, so it’s time to do those body scans.  Where are you not feeling good?  The body sometimes screams at us through discomfort and pain to have us slow down and listen.  Have you heard the anachronym for pain? It stands for Pay Attention Inward Now.  When we listen to the body signals, we are led to the healing journey. There is always, always a psychological component to the pain.  What some healers call the original wound.  Usually, this wound is so unpleasant that we bury it in the depths of our psyche.  With Chiron in Aries, for a few more years, these are the wounds of the ego/self along with the sexual wounds of the Scorpio/Taurus axis.


Several celestial events are lining up for our personal and collective healing.  Know that as you do the work to heal yourself, you heal those around you and ultimately the collective.  The recent alignments have been profound and this one is no different. The 4-4-4 gateway opened up the activation of the total Solar Eclipse that had a sun, moon and Chiron alignment to the exact degree. At the same time the Mother of Dragons comet has come to it’s closest point to Earth, Stargate 3.  Comets always deliver a message. This delivery is another announcement of the return of Divine Mother to help us regain the balance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that was lost in the last cycle Piscean Age. That event opened us last week’s alignment of Andromeda (9th Stargate), Earth and the Great Central Sun.  The cosmos celebrates as Andromeda, represented by the chained goddess, breaks free of her bonds assisted by Perseus, representing the Divine Masculine, riding his magical winged horse Pegasus representing the lightbody.


On April 21, Jupiter has aligned with Uranus in Taurus marking a significant Spiritual initiation cycle. We now complete a 14 year cycle personally and an 84 year cycle collectively, we realign with the organic Emerald Order timeline.  The Divine Feminine archetype of Mary Magdalene, Mag-Da-Len, is now here assisting us through this transformation. Shining brightly as the Divine Feminine counterpart to Jesus. Representing the union Heiros Gamos ,that birthed the Divine Kryst, Krystalla Sun found within each of us. The Divine Goddess, Magdalene, shines brightly, riding the Mother of Dragons comet to reveal the lies and false belief systems that had her bound. As we witness the 3D Piscean timeline dismantle, you may be noticing blue green crystals or gems. This alignment is activating the beautiful aquamarine ice crystals you see as the icebergs meet the ocean surface.  Aquamarine is the color of the Divine Feminine, so be aware when you see these colors activating you. Bringing out your own crystals, gems and stones of this color will help to sooth and balance as you traverse these clearings and activations.


As we arrive at this moon phase we are shedding more density to hold increased light and activate more fire letter codes. To do this we must look deeper.  That aquamarine iceberg is much bigger than what is witnessed at the surface. It is that which lies beneath the water where we find the hidden treasure. And this gold is what we are here to discover. Meditation and reflection on releasing sexual or other trauma, betrayal, ego wounds and co-dependent attachments are vital practices during this time. Developing self-love is of the utmost importance. After the reflection, purging and releasing, comes the self-comfort of Taurus.  Forgiving yourself is the key to unlock the pain in the body. Ho'oponopono is a lovely practice for this core wound healing. The prayer is simple yet powerful stating, “I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Ho'oponopono practice and can guide us through our own process of reconciliation.


The timelines are shifting and diverging, some will choose to remain, in the 3D lunar architecture of the old world, while others will shift into 5D Solar architecture of New Earth. This astrological new year, known as the Aries Solar Alchemy phase, ushered in by the Eclipse has created a clear separation and is triggering intense solar activations and miasmic purging. This phase initiates the alchemical purification of our consciousness, igniting the Kundalini fire within us. Lisa Rene of ES, describes it this way, “This is the beginning of the alchemical purification of one's consciousness through the process of sequential exposures to the fire elements, along with the of intense heat through energetic activations ignited within the fetal cells located in the tailbone. This is the Kundalini fire that travels up the spine and throughout all lightbody systems The process of heating the body and aura to a higher temperature, causing loss of moisture, reduction or oxidation, and breaking down into simpler substances to prepare to move out energetic blockages, astral debris and parasites. This kundalini fire reoccurs many times during the spiritual initiation stages of the ascension cycle as the individual begins the journey of consciousness development towards enlightenment.”


This is not only happening on a personal level, it is happening on the collective and to Earth herself.  As mentioned in previous newsletters, the Earth has entered the photonic light belt, so this is just the beginning of the cycle. As this happens all of humanity is experiencing a profound shift, undergoing intense emotional upheaval and a rebirth of consciousness. The solar cycle is lighting up everything that has been hidden for ages. Many of the lies and control schemes will come to light and many of those who have not been aware of the manipulation will either see it and must come to grips with it or will choose to check out with substances or other addictions and remain unconscious. (remember Neptune is still in Pisces). For some the truth will be too painful to see. No matter what timeline is chosen, this Ascension Cycle, is signaling the end of 3D collective timelines and the dismantling of old paradigms of societal abuse and control. Everyone is on their own journey, and it is not our job to judge or persecute others.  Our only job is to work on ourselves and our own ascension path.With so much solar activating energy, water is an important balance. Going to the water, getting into the oceans, rivers, streams, ponds and even bathtubs will be very nourishing to the body and soul. Here is an amazing water code transmission from Susan Armana that is perfect for this time.


As we navigate these shifts and release attachments to 3D time matrix, it is important to take time reflecting on what needs clearing from our lives and witnessing ourselves from a neutral, detached yet loving point of view. Doing this we learn this perspective is key to ascending to higher consciousness. As the mental realm holds sway over multiple dimensional planes simultaneously. Our thoughts (mental body) create our reality, they possess energetic and spiritual influence across our bodies, including the greater lightbody. These effects ripple throughout the field, the matrix and across dimensions .


It's a time of rapid transformation, where practicing unconditional love and seeing everything as interconnected is crucial. As we embody our own Divinity, we can more fluidly give and receive unconditional love, compassion, and empathy demonstrating reverence in all aspects of life.  We are all just navigating this transformative journey together.


Wishing you all peace, love, and enlightenment on your path.

With love light, and light love


Tina, Ardas Taran


We specialize in gentle Kundalini Awakenings, Lightbody Yoga, Ascension Teachings, Clearings, Readings, Sound Healings and more.  We offer these sessions in person for select numbers of people and online. We also can come to you. Please see our services page for information and to book a session.


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