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July News

Saturn went retrograde in Pisces on Saturday, June 29th. If you have any planets between 12-19 degrees of any sign, especially the mutable signs Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini, you are perhaps more impacted by this Saturn Retrograde. This period involves a threefold path because it is going back over territory it has hit before in March,and makes another pass before it finally starts it final destination forward. This time around it represents new goals, new directions, new boundaries, new formations, and new laws. It will be retrograde until November 15th and will finally leave Pisces in February 2025. Saturn, which rules bones in the physical body, began this transit in March 2024. In April, my toe got broken (a quite literal example). Pisces is also with healing on all levels therefore hospitals, and non traditiona institutions for healing fall within it's realm. Pisces reminds us that for healing, withdrawal is often necessary.

Neptune at the very end of the zodiac, 29 degrees of Pisces, doesn't make it's exit from the water sign until March 29, 2025, marking a three-year transformation journey in total. If you have any planets at 27-29 degrees of the mutable signs mentioned above, you are undergoing a spiritual dissolution, with your ego being washed away you may now be receiving multidimensional downloads. With Saturn and Neptune both sitting in Pisces in Western Astrology the collective is experiencing significant water-related astrological influences. Water represents our emotions and their ability to flow. Emotion= Energy in motion. In order to heal, we need our emotions to move through us. Saturn, the planet of boundaries and structures, is trying to contain the boundless nature of water. Neptune, despite its blue appearance, is a gaseous planet, symbolizing dissolution and the blurring of reality. Neptune appropriately rules the media. Neptune also represents spirituality, that is why it's home is in Pisces. One can view this period as bringing structure to water for healing purposes. Ingesting or bathing in structured water and getting into the natural waters will serve you well.

The world axis also comes into play here and this is from 28 degrees of mutable to 2 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Liba, Cancer, Capricorn). Neptune at 29° of Pisces signifies the end of an era. Planets at this axis indicate a release and letting go, transitioning into a new age with Aries. Neptune’s influence represents overcoming illusions and addictions, including pharmaceuticals and plant medicines. As the higher octave of Venus, Neptune can bring higher love and unity consciousness.

During our recent sessions, we have activated the Sacred Crystal Heart, located in your 8th chakra (thymus gland). This center holds the blueprint for Christos Consciousness and our Crystal Light Body. The Crystal body, which connects at the Sacred Crystal Heart center, chakra 8, thymus gland area, generates electromagnetic spirals foundational to our DNA and lightbody configuration. This builds the electromagnetic or toroidal field of the heart that holds the Soul, Monad, and higher consciousness realms. This activation leads to the crystal gene being activated in our body. When this is done, we can hold the unity consciousness that is the safespace for others to heal and do the same.

New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon at 14 degrees Cancer aligns with Sirius, the God Star, visible as a twinkling blue star in the night sky. Cancers in general, excel at self-care, and this New Moon emphasizes nurturing oneself and others. If you have planets in Cancer, you likely value family and providing a nurturing home environment. Cancer is a deeply emotional sign, and the Moon feels at home there. This period not only about feeling and nurturing oneself and others but also focusing on home and family. If you have planets within a 2.5-degree orb of Sirius, you might be a Sirian Starseed. These individuals are here highly connected to the 6th dimension, as Sirius is the 6th stargate in the 12 tree Kathara grid. They are connected to Buddha and Christ consciousness. Sirius is connected to physical body healing, and often these Starseeds are physicians, acupuncturists, chiropractors or involovedin the healing arts . Sirian Starseeds are passionate about studying and teaching and have been teaching entire consciousness on earth for eons. The conjunction of the Sun, the moon and Sirius at 14.5° Cancer and the opposition in Capricorn relate to the Sirius A Starseeds with a strong connection to cats and who lived on Atlantis or Mesopotamia.

The New Moon Cancer also aligns with the USA Sun. Dwarf planet Salacia at 11 degrees of Aries is conjunct the North Node symbolizes our collective path forward via Solar light and water codes. Salacia, linked to mermaids, dolphins and Lemurian energy. She is depicted as light glistening on and through water, embodying photonic shimmering moonlight and sunlight on the sea. Salacia represents the harmonious blend of water and light. In mythology, she was pursued by Neptune, the god of the sea, but initially fled to preserve her virginity. Eventually, a dolphin sent by Neptune persuaded her to return and share his throne, leading to the dolphin being honored as the constellation Delphinus​.She represents not only the open sea but also mineral springs, indicating her broader influence over all forms of saltwater​.

Just as Salacia governs the serene and sunlit sea, light codes facilitate deeper connections to our multidimensional capabilities, revealing hidden patterns and initiating our cellular memory of our true Divine nature. These light codes activate the Diamond Sun Rainbow body, also called the Crystalline Body or Plasma Body.

On the upcoming New Moon in Cancer sessions on July 3rd, we will introduce the water code series, and on July 7th, during the Kundalini sessions, we will practice a special Crystal Kriya found in the Library of Teachings, not documented in any textbooks to date. This practice, called the Crystal Kriya by Yogi Bhajan, will be a very nurturing sound experience.

Speaking of sound healing, water and light codes, we want to remind everyone that our lightbody ascension ECKASHA Mystery School commences this October. Eckasha means God Seed. For our purposes it stands for Energetic, Crystal, Kundalini and Sound Healing Ascension. Our first module is Sound Healing and we will also incorporate water healing in this session. Applications are being accepted now. If you are interested in our ECKASHA Mystery School please find the infomation here. This school provides continuing education units from Yoga Alliance for those who need to keep up their yoga or healing credentials.

If you would like ot book an astrological reading including your potential Starseed origins, you can find information on that and our other sessions here. If you would like to come to an in person session for the above mentioned kriyas these are held on Wednesday and Sunday mornings at the outdoor yoga deck. Please reply to this email for more information.

Other upcoming events happening at the yoga deck are here.

And on July 13th, Gentle Thunder joins us

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