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Summer Solstice & Lightbody School

Welcome to Summer

Summer Solstice is upon us. One of the four most important times of the year to gather and practice. Happy Birthday to all the Cancer's out there.

Anchoring the Light and Reconnecting with the Land

As we approach the Summer Solstice, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment of alignment and spiritual awakening. This period offers us a unique opportunity to infuse the leyelines of the earth through the glowing rose frequency of our hearts and our Dragon Fire breath to anchor light and reconnect with each other and the planet. By remaining open to the Diamond Sun Solar activations happening now, we can channel this energy from our lightbody into the Earth, acting as living generators of this force. Some refer to this force as the Flame of the heart, the Threefold flame or the Diamond Sun Star. As we walk the land, we, as Angelic Humans, continue to transmit and ground this vital energy force into the planet. Once we are activated as Star-seeds and bringers of this diamond rainbow light, we carry the codes and 5D frequency for others as we carry thousands upon thousands that have not reached the higher vibration awakening yte. These frequencies also provide an antidote to the pervasive black box programs and the fear-based Armageddon projections that continually bombard us.

The Power of Aquarian Energies

Renowned spiritual geo-biologist Rory Duff highlights the significance of this season and the revealed data that the leylines of the planet are not only widening but staying activated for longer periods of time. It used to be that the leyline activations only lasted a day or two on either side of the solstices and equinoxes and now researchers are finding that the energies are continuing past 6 weeks. This means that the planet herself is shifting in vibration. Evidence of this can be seen in the Schuman Resonance. See previous newsletters for more on this.

The new Solstice energy that will set the tone for at least the next six months is growing in intensity and can be harnessed to counteract negative influences. By working with these energies, we can diminish the power of negative energy forces trying to keep the population in a perpetual state of fear, poverty and uncertainty. Gathering and maintaining balance within ourselves and as a group can bring balance to the world around us. This is so important, especially during the solstices and equinoxes. With the intention to release, reset and restore, we not only balance ourselves, but we affect the collective and our Mother Gaia.

Law of One

As more people around the world gather to practice, we remember our truth, our connection and our Divinity. We remember the Law of One. This universal law recognizes that there is only ONE consciousness of Source-God and everything is an expression of that Oneness. Anyone perceived to be living “outside this Oneness” has simply forgotten their true Divinity or identity.  This concept is integral to your healing and the spiritual journey as Christos Star-seeds, Indigo beings and Angelic Humans. Through healing and remembering the God-Spark within, also known as the Eckasha, all beings can embody this sacred law and return to Divine Unconditional Love.

The Divine wholeness of the Mind of God (third eye activation) and the Heart of God, (crystal rose high heart activation) transmits Living Cosmic Consciousness and activates our Diamond Sun Body. These ongoing activations reestablish God's Universal Laws and the Cosmic Christos-Sophia code within the Angelic Humans. This framework allows the Eternal God Source to manifest influencing all aspects of existence. The above picture is my best rendition of what happened during my own Diamond Sun Body activation.

Alchemical Processes and Cellular Illumination

As we ascend to higher levels of consciousness, many of us are experiencing the physical heat of the kundalini rising. This crucial alchemical process involves the fermentation or transmutation of the physical body that activates the greater light body. This process excites our mitochondria, the source energy within our cells, leading to divine illumination. The inner mitochondrial membrane, with its numerous cristae (yes, that is what they are called), expands to enhance ATP production. Increased ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) illuminates our cells and tissues, elevating our consciousness and expanding our auric field into a luminescent glowing orb of energy. As we experiencing these expanded light frequencies it is even more important to ground the energy by connecting with the planet, earthing, forest bathing, hiking, swimming in the rivers, lakes or oceans, gardening, working with animals and more.

The Four Main Pillars of Consciousness

This Solstice alignment activates the City Foursquare, or the Four Directions, bringing them into the zero-point field on the Solstice. The Four Directions—historically represented as the four elements and the Four Royal Stars. The Four Royal Stars, also known as Archangel Stars, are Aldebaran (Michael), Regulus (Raphael), Antares (Uriel), and Fomalhaut (Gabriel). These stars, the brightest in their respective constellations, act as guardians of the heavens and mark seasonal changes.

The Four Main Pillars of Consciousness, which are pillars of light and sound, are activated and aligned, with the 12 Guardians of the Pillars of the Earth's body facilitating healing and integration on Earth. This alignment, also known as Rod and Staff or Heiros Gamos, merges the Great White Lion and Golden Eagle Grids on Earth, bringing together three parallel universes.

The Aurora Guardians of Andromeda are present to assist us in healing our elemental bodies during these alignments and activations. This connection forms the Aurora Pillars or what is known as the Crystal Cathedrals of Consciousness that serve as safe zones around the planet that repair of the Planetary Light body and ignite the Crystal Rose Heart. Many beings gather at these sacred portal sites around the planet during the solstices and equinoxes. The activation of the Crystal Rose Heart unleashes powerful energy petals, symbolizing profound spiritual empowerment. Through the Dragon Fire Kundalini breath, the Crystal Rose Heart can be activated. You maybe experiencing these Aurora Pillars as rainbow iridescent orb bodies around your and seen around others.

Ascension Timeline and Cosmic Events

  • June 3-4, 2023: We celebrated the first Spark of Arc Transmission for Solstice

  • August 8-12, 2023: We celebrated the Second Spark of the Arc Transmission with the Activation of The Lions Gate

  • November 8-9, 2023: Was the third and Final Spark of the Arc Transmission opening the Mother Arc Gates.

These transmissions opened the tether line through the sphere of Amenti, leading to Ascension Earth or Aurora Earth. By May 10th,2024, during the Divine Solar Feminine superstorm that activated Earth' Atmosphere and Mother Earth herself, all seals were opened and activated, setting the stage for the Bright Flower Blooming 8-year cycle beginning in this August 2024 which is the 8-8-8 Lions Gate cycle where the true energies of the eternal number 8 numerological cycle will be felt. For more information on the numerology of the 8 year see previous newsletters at the beginning of this year.

ECKASHA Mystery School

Aligning with the 8 year and revisiting some previous news with the ECKASHA Mystery School, I wanted to provide an updated for interested individuals. The Ascension book/manual is almost finished and will soon be ready for the Light and Sound Healing School. As a reminder ECKASHA represent the God Seed. And for our purposes it stands for  Energetic, Crystal, Kundalini and Sound Healing Academy.  Via Kundalini Lightbody teachings, you will be guided on your ascension journey to activate your Lightbody, Flamebody, Plasma body and Krystal Body in various modules. You will also learn the tools to harness that energy and heal others via yoga, sound, light and frequency.  Our first module begins with Sound Training at the end of August. With the awareness that the Kundalini energy via Kundalini Yoga alone only takes one to the 9th dimension or Antakharana, these teachings take one beyond that to experience ascension while still maintaining a physical body. This school is perfect for those who are already working in the field of yoga, sound and energy healing. It will count for continuing education units if you need those to keep up your certifications. The first module will involve water and sound frequencies and will commence August 23-25, 2024.  Online options will also be available. If you are interested and would like more information or to fill out an application, click here

Current Astrology and the Galactic Weather Report

As we approach this Summer Solstice on June 20, the Full Moon in Capricorn a day later, invites us to release what no longer serves us on our ascension path. This powerful moment encourages letting go of old patterns and making space for new beginnings.

Venus, Mercury, and Harmonious Communication

At the same time, Venus and Mercury will be conjunct, fostering harmonious and loving communication. This alignment enhances our ability to share and receive information about our projects, our money or relationships with clarity and compassion.

Earth Activation and Jupiter's Entrance into Gemini

With significant Earth activation, increased solar activity, and Jupiter entering Gemini, the pace of the world seems to be accelerating. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, good luck, and wisdom, will remain in Gemini for a full year, until the end of May 2025. This period offers a quickening in your life with abundant opportunities for growth, learning, and good fortune.

Jupiter Trine Pluto: A Powerful Alignment

Jupiter's trine with Pluto marks a powerful and successful alignment, ideal for starting new projects, delving into intellectual pursuits, and connecting with others. This dynamic energy supports deep transformation and achievement. Get out there and be with people.

Neptune Sextile Jupiter: A Spiritual Expansion

Neptune at 29 degrees Pisces forms a sextile with Jupiter, creating a highly fortunate spiritual alignment. This aspect enhances your spiritual practice and deepens your feeling of oneness with the universe and all that is. Neptune's position at the final degree of the zodiac signifies the end of an era, marking the conclusion of its 165-year cycle around the sun, and the end of the 12,000-year cycle known as the Kali Yuga.

Pluto's Transition and the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius

As Pluto makes its final direct move from Capricorn into Aquarius this fall, we are witnessing the dawn of the Age of Aquarius and the emergence of the New Earth. This transition symbolizes a profound shift from old top down authoritarian energies to New Earth community, signaling the arrival of transformation, innovation and progressive leaps forward.

Personal Implications

If your natal chart features planets, the ascendant, the descendent or the midheaven between 28 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces) and 2 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn), you are likely experiencing significant releases or letting go. This shift represents a move into the new energies of the cardinal signs, emphasizing fresh starts and new beginnings and aligns perfectly with the full moon in Capricorn release cycle. If you would like to know where Jupiter, Neptune, the full moon and this Solstice are in your charts and what it means for you personally, you can book a reading with me here,


Full Moon Release and New Energies

The full moon in Capricorn amplifies this process, encouraging us to release the last remnants of old world, lower vibrational energy. As Neptune at 29 degrees Pisces transitions into 0 degrees Aries, and Pluto at 29 degrees Capricorn moves into 0 degrees Aquarius, we emerge from the fog of illusion and step into clarity and new possibilities. This period may involve overcoming addictions or patterns that cloud our vision, including those related to pharmaceutical drugs or plant medicines. It may also represent the deep hidden secrets or injustice coming into the light. All things hidden, all lies are being revealed. For some people this will be very hard to handle.  As bringers of the light, and teachers we are here to hold space for those who were duped and manipulated by the unscrupulous and corrupt forces that control our governments, institutions, financial systems, corporations, big pharma, the media and the war machine.  

Embrace the New Era

We are living in truly unprecedented times, witnessing the end of old cycles and the birth of new ones. At times it maybe difficult physically and mentally to embrace these transformative energies and step into the Age of Aquarius. But remember you chose to be here at this time and  with an open heart and a clear intention we can co-create a better future. As Margaret Meade said, “Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

We invite you to join us for our Summer Solstice Gathering on June 20th at 11 AM followed by a pot luck luncheon overlooking the vineyard. A few spots are still available for this special event. Together, we will anchor the light, reconnect with the land, and harness the power of Aquarian energies to bring in the positive New Earth frequencies.. Let us unite, stand up, and declare our commitment to peace, love and balance, utilizing the gifts we are receiving to achieve our collective goals. If you would like to join the celebration, please respond to this email or post directly.


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