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Rose Gold Frequency of the Heart of Gaia

June 2024 Update: Tantric Numerology and Astrology- The tantric numerology for June 2024 reveals a 14/5. The number 14/5 represents that of a special teacher, symbolized by the five-pointed star. It also signifies the physical body and upcoming changes. This month is marked by a strong push for change, driven by the double 5’s in June's sublayers. We derive a 5 from calculating the (month of 6 + year of 8 = 14 = 5) and it is the same calculation for the asset (gift of 6 + year of 8 = 14 = 5). The number 14/5 is considered a special number, symbolizing a mentor or teacher with credibility through experience. Chiron in astrology is a special teacher, teaching from his wound. The numerology of the month and Jupiter the Guru moving into Gemini is beckoning us to look in our own lives to see where we can help others through our wound or experience.

The number 5 relates to the physical body, transformation, health, and healing. While the those with the number 5 in their own numerology love to have fun, they can also experience restlessness, and seek freedom and independence, which can lead to conflict and upheaval. In its positive aspect, these 5’s can inspire bold and dramatic actions. June is an excellent month for activities that are cleansing and purifying like introducing a healthier diet, saunas, hiking, physical exercie or participating in an adventure within your physical limits. The number 5 thrives on challenges and pushing limits, but at the same time doing it in a healthy and conscious way to prevent injury. Too much exercise or overdoing it is harmful.

Astrologically, this month, we all have something we’d like to cleanse, release and heal. The very end of May brought us the Mars-Chiron conjunction, highlighting your core wound. Often this is a physical manifestation of the wound that can send us into emotional turmoil. Chiron, is known in mythology as the wisest of all Centaurs and the greatest teacher, healer, and prophet. Despite his wisdom and healing abilities, Chiron suffered a grave wound from a poisoned arrow of Hercules that accidentally drops on his hoof. Immortal, wounded, unable to heal himself and unable to die, Chiron endured great pain until he eventually exchanged his immortality to free Prometheus. We can now find Chiron in the stars as the constellation Centaurus. Thus, Chiron's story symbolizes the transformative power of suffering and the ability to heal others through one's own pain and generosity. In many respects, he is the archetype of the victim that transcends his victimhood and moves deeper into service to others.

The last Sagittarius full moon in May was all about leaving behind our victim mentality and transcending our old storyline to reveal our new selves. This lighter version has us let go of the past and is ready to blossom with the new moon in Gemini on June 6th. June 6th is the time for intentional co-creating. A powerful date numerologically, 6/6, provides an extra boost for releasing negative patterns of codependence rooted in low self-esteem and victimhood. These are the numbers of the Arcline, or energetic light halo around our heads and shoulders. We can clear this very Gemini area of the body with a powerful and very effective Kundalini Kriya called Clearing the Arcline. Think about writing down your negative thoughts, patterns, or emotions on paper. Then create a ceremony where you burn these papers, releasing them to the ethers while chanting the Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio mantra. You can find this kriya here.

Also at the end of May, just as we moved into Gemini season in Western Astrology, we had Jupiter entering the scene with Venus. We can feel the quickening in the air (Gemini), as Jupiter is expanding the speed! Get ready for a year of fast-paced energy as Jupiter stays in the sign of Gemini for 12 months! The Gemini-Sagittarius axis is the mind, intellect, and thinking. It is also the travel axis: Gemini for short-term or local travel and Sagittarius for longer-distance travel. It is also the axis of learning, law, and justice. It is about discovering and revealing the truth.

Black Moon Lilith is with the South Node while Mars is headed towards his sister Eris in Aries. She is the goddess of discord and mayhem, wanting revenge for injustice. Both Eris and Black Moon Lilith represent dark feminine energy. The Moon is in Aries, this weekend is building up more steam. We are experiencing the Moon, Mars, and Eris in Aries, sextile Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun in Gemini. This is intense energy. Going rogue and making quick, poor decisions can be very easy right now. But before you grab a pack of Marlboros and head to Vegas on your motorcycle to let off some steam, take a pause. No matter how much you can justify (South Node in Libra), this new, seemingly good idea, it may not be in your best interest. The energy is about to get more contentious and warlike in the world, but you do not need to go there. You can take pauses into peace and start with bringing in the more calming frequencies. On Monday, Mercury comes home to Gemini, giving us more information

We are breaking old patterns and habits collectively and personally. Looking to the last degrees of Taurus and the first few degrees of Gemini in your individual astrology, you can see the house where this shedding and rebirth process is happening. By late June and early July, Jupiter will conjunct Uranus in the third house of the United States of America. This represents information and local surroundings, short trips, and the mass media. This will coincide with the first full moon in Capricorn as well. This is explosive, unexpected change and could result sudden leaps in innovative thinking and great technological bounds forward. This can also deal with big and surprising truths being revealed. We all know how much the media endeavors to manipulate the masses. Will this be another step in our great awakening that shatters old paradigms and thinking?

As a reminder that Pluto is on its way back into Capricorn, and we are all doing the slow walk through the last 16 years. Are we going back there? The answer is yes, but only to re-evaluate and leave what no longer serves us. We are not going to stay there very long. There will be another full moon in Capricorn over the next few months, allowing us to fully come to terms with and release that older version of ourselves. With the new moon coming, we can stay curious and positive and act to methodically replace the old from now until November when Pluto journeys back to the sign of Aquarius for the next 21 years.

With this same energy is playing out collectively. We find ourselves asking, “Are we really going back to these senseless wars and killing our brothers and sisters? What is it all for? Are we ready as a society to let this go?” Indeed, there are solutions in the new age of Aquarius. Everyone can be fed and cared for. There is room on the planet for us all to exist in peace and harmony if we just stop feeding the war machine in power now. We can make a difference and stand in our sovereignty and power to say “NO MORE!” We need to stop the madness, corruption, greed and service to self individuals in power now. Aquarius is about community, dreams and wishes for a brighter, more enlightened future.

The key for this time will be coming out of the furious, fast-paced thinking of Gemini and moving into the heart space. Mars is movign into Taurus to bring some more stability. Remember from my last newsletter, Jupiter and Venus are in the Pleiades, and we are being supported by this heart-based 5D Pleiadean energy. Saturn is moving very slowly around 18° of Pisces. You can also look to 18° of Pisces in your own chart, and this is where it’s time to buckle down and focus on the work. For instance, if it’s in your 12th spiritual house, this is a terrific time to double down on your commitment to your practice.

In our in-person practice sessions, we have been working on shielding from what’s referred to as the Black Box Program of projected discordant sound blasts, radiation, chemtrails, AI, and vaccines. The powers that be are blasting us with dissonant frequencies to keep us from the mass awakening that is happening. This, along with the other aforementioned items, can impact our immune system and magnetic field. The same thing is happening to the planet. Tuning into the Schumann Resonance, the heartbeat of the Earth, is an antidote. Many of us are undergoing a cellular memory cascade and holding a 5D light frequency that can shield us from this inharmonious energy. Another shielding technique is utilizing a Rose Gold Triquetra (Celtic knot) as an antidote. This is symbolic of the Trinity Unification: the merging of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within us to create the holy child Christos-Sophia consciousness. The Trinity diagram, the Celtic knot, Unity consciousness, and the rose gold flame create this shielding and protection from the Black Box Programming. You can wear a little sigil of the Celtic knot or trinity spiral to remind you to ground that unity energy into your body and into the Earth. Through telepathic unity and cellular memory cascade, we protect ourselves and once we are activated we become the conduit for others.. As Magenta Pixie, who channels a group Andromedan Consciousness calling themselves The Nine, says, “The Dark catalyzes the Light within you to remember that which it is. Only the light becoming the light can move through the shadow and out of the shadow into the true organic memory of the Angelic Human that you are. This cellular memory cascade of the awakened and the awakening will catalyze the knowledge of the true Angelic Realm.” We are remembering who we are. We are activating our light bodies, and this is bringing in the cellular memory cascade that is upgrading our DNA. Bring the body back into harmony by working with rose gold frequencies, the Trinity Tri-Wave Matrix and by connecting with Mother Gaia and her Schuman Resonance.

We are hosting a series of sessions in order to do these exact shielding processes. Lightbody Kundalini Sessions for this Wednesday June 5th at 9:30 am. If you cannot make the Wednesday sessions we are offering Sunday sessions at 10 am.  Please contact us for more information to reseve in person or online If you would like an astrology, numerology or cosmic consciousness awakening session you can book here.

Infinite Blessings and Love,

Tina, Ardas Taran


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