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Event Supplemental

Hi Everyone!

We forgot to include a couple of awesome sound healings that are coming up at CommuniTea at the end of June and beginning of July.

One of our most very favorite teams, The Willing Hearts return on Wednesday June 30 with their regenerate sound and reiki experience. We can tell you first hand that this is Ahhh-mazing. Gabby and Betsy hold such a sacred and nurturing space for you to fully relax, heal and integrate. Please rsvp directly to by sending your payment to @oneloveom. Info below. Note: if you have an eligible gift certificate from CommuniTea already that you would like to utilize, then simply respond to this email.


At the beginning of July, during the long holiday weekend, we have a very special guest. Gentle Thunder will be on their West Coast tour and we are one of the stops. Yippee! Gentle Thunder is a Spiritual Practitioner who lives up to her name, given by the Ancestors of Sedona. Her presence is as soothing as the caress of a breeze, but also powerful like a storm. Her eclectic background weaves a tapestry of wisdom and ancient knowledge. GT has been called by Spirit to serve in many areas around the world, to include S. America, S. Korea, Panama, Mt. Shasta, Maui and many other Sacred locations to construct Medicine Wheels and Earth Grids as part of the Planetary grid system. With her unique blend of traditions and unwavering commitment to assist in the healing of others, she stands as a living embodiment of the Sacred, offering solace and strength to all who seek her wisdom.

To make a reservation for July 6, you can Venmo or Zelle directly, unless you have an eligible gift certificate from Communitea already that you would like to utilize, then simply respond to this email.

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