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Trinity Portal and the Diamond Sun Body

On March 3, a triple portal of energies was opened, marking the significance of 33 as a master number that is moving the collective into a new set of energy representing the perfect balance and strength of The Trinity. This ushered in the great astrology of 3-3-24, extending until Wednesday, 3-6-24, with favorable alignments involving the moon positioned at the galactic center, forming trines with Jupiter and Uranus on March 5th. Additionally, Uranus forms harmonious sextiles with Mercury and Neptune, along with another fortunate sextile involving Jupiter, the Sun, and Saturn.


On March 10, a new Super Moon emerges in Pisces, and while we won’t see how large it is because of its proximity to the planet, we will certainly be feeling its impact. Jupiter and Uranus conjunct on this Super Moon amplifying its power. This is not a new moon to take lightly, as it aligns with Saturn and Neptune for the first time in over 30 years. Adding to this, from a heliocentric perspective, Mars and Venus are conjunct with Pluto! This can evoke feelings of discord, fear, and confusion.


On the 19th of March, we have the Spring Equinox, also known as the Astrological New Year, signaling new beginnings. Almost all the planets of the zodiac will be together in Aries, Pisces, and Aquarius at this time, so it is important to see what houses in your own astrological chart this is happening in for you. Issues of sovereignty (I Am energy) will come up with the moon in a nice trine to the zero-degree Aries Equinox point. There’s an underlying shift of power to the people vs. the institutions of old. This is the same astrology as the collapse of the communist block and the fall of the Berlin Wall. There is an out-of-sign conjunction with the Sun and Neptune. As Neptune represents spirituality, video, media, illusion, and dreams, we will be feeling an expansion of consciousness. Venus and Saturn will also be conjunct at this time which gives relationships a reality check.

And finally, the third portal on April 8 opens with the giant X pattern as the total Solar Eclipse crosses over North America for the last time in 20 years. To say the energy is heightened is a serious understatement.


If you follow the work of Rory Duff Geologist and Geobiologist, who wrote “The Grail Hunter” and studies the ley lines of the earth, we have the data now that the energy lines, many call Dragon Lines, have expanded over 150 paces just since January alone. Many majestic and historical sites, like the great cathedrals, were built along these lines. The most active one now is the Michael Mary line through the UK. Remember the ley lines are the energy lines of the planet that carry electrical charge as opposed to the planet's magnetic charge. This increase in electrical charge has weakened the Earth’s magnetic field. This is being measured now, and it is the same phenomena as 2000 years ago when the great sages and rishis walked the planet. They had these abilities to access higher realms of energy because the pull of the Earth was not as strong. Scientists like Rory Duff say that because we are in this overactive solar cycle with the bombardment of light from solar flares, coronal mass ejections and our planet simply entering into the photonic light belt, this is causing these major shifts on our planet. The Schumann Resonance is another indication of measuring the heightened activity of the planet. Another interesting phenomena is these increases and decreases in energy in the magnetic field are not uniform around the world. For instance, Brazil is getting a huge magnetic influx, so they are experiencing massive doses of gamma-ray radiation and cosmic energy. This in part explains the uprisings we are seeing and the people being fed up. For more information on Rory’s work, you can find him here:


Remember Earth is going through her ascension journey from 3D Earth to 5D Tara on her way to 7D Gaia; we are also going through our ascension process from the physical body into the light body. We are now like the rishis of the past that can access these other dimensions as our own magnetic fields are weakening. The light body is activated by these plasma infusions and this allows us to hold these higher crystalline frequencies in our field. It is fascinating to hear the renowned Italian physicist Dr. Nassim Haramein talk about this plasma energy in his recent work. Many of his interviews can be found on YouTube.

As the light codes, crystalline energy, and liquid plasma energies are coming in faster now, it is forcing us to drop densification to activate and move fully into our light body. As this adaptation is taking place, some of us may be feeling what those in the New Age community refer to as ascension symptoms. Some of these symptoms can appear as weakened immune systems with cold and flu-like symptoms, body aches, insomnia, or the reverse, wanting to sleep all the time because of being absolutely exhausted for no reason at all.


According to Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis, “What we have prepared for during multiple Astrological Ages has finally commenced, the planetary soul matrix has undergone the astral reconstruction necessary to ascend into the three layers of the soul matrix which are currently undergoing unification, intensified purification and radical detoxification in order to spiritually heal, and to align fully with the outer domain section of organic 5D timelines.”

We chose to incarnate at this time and nobody escapes this part of the journey. Just know that you are an Angelic Human and whether you are a Blue Ray, Indigo, or Crystal Child Starseed, now is the time to accelerate your ascension journey. We are ushering in the Age of Aquarius with the help of the Sirians, Pleiadians, and Andromedans. The channelings from the collective of beings that refer to themselves as The Nine (these are Andromedans from the 9th stargate assisting us in our ascension process), the Blue Rays from Sirius B are the sometimes referred to as the Dragon Beings. Remember we just entered the year of the Dragon 2024. Many of these Blue Ray beings are incarnating as individuals on the spectrum. Indigos are part of the Blue Rays but more like the Dragon Riders bringing in these teachings via intense study, integration of negative polarity and dissemination of teachings. While the Indigos must balance and integrate the polarization within themselves, the Crystal Children do not need to do this. They can simply activate their lightbody via the bliss initiations of raising their kundalini. They are utilizing the integration process of the Indigos (those who specialize in the positive and negative polarization integration and gemstone activation), but still must do the shadow work to transmute the energy. They hold the codes for crystal activation and are always led towards personal integration. This highlights how we all need each other in the ascension process. Some of us are a combination of all three, Blue Ray, Indigo, and Crystal.


Gregg Braden in his teachings talks about how we are not descended from apes. We, as Angelic Humans, originally had 24 chromosomes and the 2nd chromosome is the key to our “missing DNA”. This second largest human chromosome in our body, chromosome number 2, forming 8% of the total DNA in our cells, was altered/spliced, modified, and rearranged approximately 200,000 years ago, covering up that “missing link” of the 24th chromosome. The scientific community has no explanation for this. It is obvious to many scientists, who are afraid to speak up, that this was an intentional act of DNA fusion and gene splicing by more advanced and intelligent life forms. This also suggests that we are a species unto ourselves with no evolutionary history. And recently it has been suggested by several channelers and speakers that we have re-activated that 24th chromosome as a result of our ability to vibrate at a higher frequency now. The activation of our light body has brought about these changes in our DNA, igniting missing fire letter sequences and this is the Double Diamond Sun Body and us returning to our original Divine Blueprint. Our multidimensional heritage is now coming back online and soon will be fully operational as we reconnect with our galactic family. For more on Gregg Braden’s teaching about the 24th chromosome click here:


Regardless of where you are, remember that collectively the North Node has conjunct Chiron in the sign of Aries. Once again, Aries is “I Am” energy and these are the deepest wounds of the self. Everyone is experiencing some sort of ego death, whether they are aware of it or not. The key is to embrace these new energies, inviting in expanded psychic abilities and consciousness upgrades, while also experiencing heightened empathy and returning to your inner stillness. This zero-point energy, aligned with the Spring Equinox, will greatly support us in the upcoming year. Grounding ourselves now requires personal sovereignty and mastery over our individual selves—our very essence, the "I Am." There are many paths and many ways to do this. Some are through dietary cleanses to help you drop density, others are via connecting with nature, or energetic healings and other countless other avenues. I choose the ascension path teachings, cosmic activations and density clearings for myself, my students and clients. This is done via kundalini yoga, meditation, crystal energy and sound healing therapy.


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