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Navigating Sovereignty:

A Cosmic Journey into the Mind of God

The Full Moon Supermoon in Aries is approaching, set to illuminate the night sky on this Friday, the 29th of September. This is the fourth consecutive super moon. This phenomenon occurs when the Moon draws exceptionally close to Earth, exerting a potent gravitational force that affects both our planet and us. This particular super moon, characterized by its warrior-like energy, propels us into fiery, action-oriented realms and underscores the theme of sovereignty.

Positioned at 6 degrees of Aries, this Supermoon profoundly impacts individuals with planets or points at 6 to 27 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn). The dwarf planet Eris, goddess of discord, mayhem and social justice, aligns with the North Node in Aries,igniting our quest for a more equitable society. The North Node, represents our collective path forward. Concurrently, Mars, Eris brother, aligns with the South Node in Libra, sparking a power struggle. The good news, is Mars, the warrior, has a hard time really gaining any ground in Libra, the sign of harmony and balance. Uranus, plays a critical role here as the catalyst for revolution. It takes center stage, with Jupiter amplifying its innovative and rebellious energy, demanding freedom and individuality. This is a clarion call to break free from the constraints and top-down control of the Piscean Age. More good news is that Uranus forms a grand earthrine, fostering innovative ideas within grassroots communities, financial systems, and health initiatives. In this harmonious trine is Neptune and Mercury, inviting us to engage in elevated thinking and spiritual connection. Think of it as a direct line to the mind of God.The Nodes of the Moon, are in Aries and Libra. The North Node in Aries, the sign representing the self and the higher aspect of & I AM, is juxtaposed with the South Node in Libra, symbolizing our past, past lives and relationships. Relationships are our karmic classroom as we balance between our own needs and those of others. We may find ourselves swinging between getting lost in relationships and fiercely protecting our autonomy. These nodes will guide us for the year ahead, urging us to embark on a path of self-discovery and strive for balance. Pluto, the planet of transformation through death and rebirth, delves deep into our subconscious, revealing our deepest fears and hidden secrets. It adds intensity to the journey as it is squaring the nodes. This is challenging us to maintain a higher vibrational frequency amidst the Aries fire storm swirling around us. It may seem as though a spiritual battle rages on, attempting to pull us away from our center. Emotions may surge, leaving us feeling off-kilter and easily provoked by those around us. Remember it is a battle for our frequency and peaceful state of mind. Getting to neutrality is crucial. It is possible to discover balance amidst the turmoil as the present situation serves a divine purpose—it reflects our inner imbalances and points us toward areas in need of healing. If you find it challenging to return to a neutral zero point, remember that you are not alone. Trust that, in due time, all will harmonize for the better. Everything unfolds in perfect Divine order,

even when the world appears to spiral into chaos. Each of us follows a unique ascension path,

progressing at our own pace. Our primary focus should be on our energy and our journey back

to equilibrium, allowing us to co-create the world we envision.

This celestial alignment beckons us to elevate our consciousness, to plug into the mind of God

and elevate our consciousness. People are already uniting in various group practices, aligning

with the energies of the New Earth. Equinoxes and Solstices mark moments of alignment and

balance opportunity to return to zero point. As we have just come off the exact equinox

Saturday, we have an opportunity to take this balance into the fall. Let your sovereignty

emerges as your guiding star. These powerful celestial events, bring in potent energies calling

us to maintain a higher frequency amidst the chaos. As we walk the path to balance and unity

that is unique for each individual. Step by step, we progress toward co-creating the world we

envision-a world in harmony with the energies of the New Earth.

We are called to come together, practice alignment, and focus our energies on the highest

vibration with the best outcome. What we focus on expands. The universe is calling, and it's

time to rise to the occasion, to explore the depths of sovereignty, and to connect with the

mind of God within us all. Here is a very short Kundalini yoga kriya for emotional balance. It starts like no other kriya with a big glass of water.

Step by step:

1. Drink a glass of water.

2. Sit in easy pose, meaning whatever is comfortable that also allows for a

straight spine. Therefore this can be done sitting in a chair or cross legged

on the floor. Place the arms across the chest and lock the hands under the

armpits; palms are open and against the body. Raise the shoulders up tight

against the earlobes. Pull the spine straight up from the back of the head

which brings the jaw in and up.

3. The breath will automatically become slow as you close your eyes and focus

only on maintain the posture and the breath for 3 minutes.

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