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Collective influence of the full moon

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

As we enter this holiday weekend, we are also experiencing a Full Moon in Cancer, marking the culmination of the Summer Solstice season. Let's explore the cosmic astrology during this time and how the Full Moon influences us. During the Summer Solstice, powerful energetic alignments occurred, activating ley lines, particularly in the British Isles. Known as the 333 Rose Portal, these alignments represented the merging of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, symbolized by the return of Elaysa and her Melchizedek counterpart. This event gave birth to the Diamond Sun, a higher level of consciousness associated with the integration of masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves, leading to increased Lightbody activations. The July 2023 Full Moon holds significant influences on our home, family, and intimate relationships for the next two weeks. With the Nodes moving into Aries and Libra for the next 18 months, we may expect a major transformation in our relationships. Yogi Amandeep will be joining us on July 17, the auspicious day of the New Moon, to help us prepare for this shift. During this time, we are working with the opposing forces of Aries, representing the self and personal power, and Libra, representing balance with others. These forces may create tension and external pressures, leading to conflicts and draining of our energy. Additionally, the outer planets Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn are retrograde, calling for a review and clearing of the past, as well as the transmutation of karma. Furthermore, Venus is square Uranus, resulting in uncomfortable relationship aspects. However, we can overcome these challenges by utilizing the Full Moon's heightened emotional strength and intuition, gaining a balanced perspective, and addressing any disharmony in our relationships. Moreover, the Full Moon aligns with the fortunate fixed star Sirius, bringing business success and assistance from influential people. The Moon's trine aspect with Jupiter promotes relaxation and ease in expressing emotions. We are transitioning from polarity to unity consciousness during this time. The trine aspect with Jupiter also brings good luck, happiness, faith, optimism, and generosity, amplifying our emotions, intuition, imagination, and dreams. It's an ideal time for socializing, recreation, and leisure. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, is trine the Full Moon. Family relationships become more supportive and comforting, while intimate relationships benefit from openness and honesty. Growth and prosperity may come through travel, higher education, business, the law, philosophy, religion, and spirituality, all of which are associated with Jupiter aspects. This Full Moon is an excellent time for all forms of communication, including reading, writing, speaking, socializing, and negotiating. It encourages us to expand our horizons through education and travel. Furthermore, it promotes emotional honesty and spiritual growth by urging us to be true to our feelings and openly share them with loved ones. On a broader scale, this Full Moon coincides with the USA's Pluto return. As a nation, we have experienced significant transformations, facing numerous issues and pressures. Pluto is compelling us to examine our core ideas and beliefs surrounding freedom and democracy. It calls into question the very foundation of our nation, including the constitution, government, freedom of speech, immigration, and more. Pluto is uncovering everything that has been hidden, as evidenced by countless whistleblowers in various areas of our society and the planet. It urges us to question and re-examine our belief systems. This Full Moon shines a light for us to see everything clearly, and the waning moon phase is suitable for releasing, resting, healing, contemplating, de-cluttering, and engaging in self-care activities. We are here to support you with the events mentioned below. Overall, the Full Moon in July 2023 brings a positive and fortunate energy that supports relationship healing, honest communication, and personal growth. These recent energetic shifts and alignments, including the reunion of the Cosmic Twinned Universal Elaysa-Melchizedek Suns, the activation of ley lines, and the opening of cosmic gateways, signify a shift towards unity consciousness and the awakening of our higher spiritual potential and Lightbody. This period brings healing, integration, and the activation of our original Divine Blueprint as a unified species.

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