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“I have incredible experiences at Communitea Yoga, particularly during the Kundalini Light Body sessions for members. The weekly infusion of new knowledge and profound insights made each session a transformative journey. CommuniTea stands out as an innovative a truly unique approach in the world of yoga. What sets this apart is not only its commitment to individual growth but also the extraordinary sense of community. The kind, caring, and nurturing environment fostered here create a supportive space for personal exploration and connection with like-minded individuals. It's more than a yoga studio; it's a sanctuary where I've not only refined my practice but also discovered my inner compass. Grateful for this exceptional place and its empowering community.” Ksenia

 Our Space 

   Welcome to our perfect haven where you can Immerse yourself in the beauty or this natural and grounding environment that fosters a sense of peace and relaxation.

   Our location is an ideal sanctuary for a wide range of practices, including yoga, meditation, sound healing, breath-work, pilates, meetings and more. The harmonious blend of nature and cool ocean breezes create an atmosphere that enhances the mind-body connection, allowing one to fully embrace their practice and come to their center.

  Experience the joy of this unique setting surrounded by mature trees, vineyards, rose gardens, koi ponds and fountains. Connect with like-minded individuals, and elevate your presence in the wellness community. Let our venue become a platform for your success, where nature, energy and opportunity intertwine.

Call or email us today for information on becoming a member of our CommuniTea for access to our oasis.

(760) 499-0066

*Light workers Sound *Sound healing instruments including Gongs/Sound bowls *Yoga mats *Bolsters *Blankets *Blocks *Eye pillows *Straps

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