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Ascending into the Aquarian Age

As the planet Pluto enter the Sign of Aquarius exactly conjunct our sun at this time in history, we are experiencing a massive shift in frequency.  The Earth’s Crystal Core is now fully activated with Aqualine Mother Arc light and Violet Pink Father Arc frequencies. The Blue Rainbow Galactic Suns, originating from the heart of Andromeda, hosting our ascension, are providing support for these crystalline transmissions that assist us on our ascension path individually, collectively and planetarily. This is the beginning of the end of the Kali Yuga.


These past 4 years closing out the Age of Pisces may have felt very heavy, with endless clearings of density in the physical, mental and emotional bodies. We have literally been through the ringer as we’re upgrading and stepping into our lightbodies.  As we phase out of the Piscean Patriarchy and into the New Age of Aquarius, we are assisted by Divine Cosmic Mother and the Aquarian races in the core of the Andromeda galaxy as well as the Divine Cosmic Father and the Ruby Sun Network.  The Mother Arc is key in our Ascension Timelines. The Mother Arc, (Cosmic Mother) is an integral component of the Cosmic Holy Spirit Trinity linked to the Father Arc and to the Godhead, Zero Point Energy. Her Aquamarine Ray current is known as the 13th Pillar gateway. This gateway introduces sonoluminescence (sound creating light) and the Divine Feminine magnetic forces, serving as a perfect balance to the Divine Masculine electrical and energizing the crystalline core of the Earth. It is through the Mother Arc that creation can heal itself and return back to its original Divine blueprint. The Cosmic Father Ruby Sun has returned now to protect the Cosmic Mother.


As the Planetary Lightbody awakens, the perpetual flames of the Mother Arc circulate the pulses of living God consciousness codes in and out of manifestation. This ensures the protection and containment of all twelve dimensional timeline templates of the zodiac within the singular 13th Pillar- Mother Arc. This alignment with the 13th sign of the Zodiac, some call Ophiuchus- the Great Healer, is positioned at the center, symbolizing the ether element and the eternal circulation of Divine Energy.


Within the Planetary Grid Network are Mother Arc Hubs abbreviated as MAH (see locations below). These play a crucial role in connecting Earth's Core Chakra to the Universal Mother Arc. This connection extends into the base of the 12D shield, positioned 12 inches below the feet. The activation of the Aqua Ray in the Mother Arc is a genuine process that restores the Blue Ray to the Cosmic Mother, emphasizing the connection to the Threefold Founder Flames of Aqua Blue, Violet Pink and Golden Yellow. This connection allows us to reclaim the Mother of God principle for the planet and humanity. By aligning with the Aqua Blue Ray of the Mother Arc, we unite with the Mother Principle, the 13th Pillar, and 13th Aqua Ray, guiding us into the Ascended Master fields of the Rainbow Rays. This connection leads to the liquid light of Pale Aqua Rays emanating from the Aqualine Sun.

Aqualine Sun

Benevolent  forces of Krystal Star consciousness have been channeling plasma waves into all layers of the Earth's blueprint, elevating its frequencies and anchoring plasma infusions from Galactic waves of Solar Light. They acquire solar plasma light from the Suns of Sirius B, transmitting it into Aqualine Healing Energy on Earth. Now, as the Earth has entered the photonic light belt, we are connecting with Galactic Sun plasma frequencies directly from the Earth plane and weaving Solar light from these Galactic Suns into Earth's core sun, creating a fusion between multiple solar bodies. There are billions of other stars/suns in our Milky Way galaxy, each potentially hosting its own solar system. Earth's Sun is just one of these countless stars within our galaxy.


Mother Earth's Inner Sun

Activation of Mother Earth's Inner Sun frequencies is observed as deep ultraviolet and bluish waves of oscillating plasma light rays. The blue flames merge originates from the 5D core in parallel Earth (Tara), while the violet flame emanates from the 7D core in parallel Earth (Gaia). Together, they unite as Ultra Violet Blue light with their Galactic Sun counterparts. The Galactic Sun frequency, transmitted from above, is anchoring into the Earth’s core, merging and braiding completely with the Earth Sun. This connected circuit of Galactic plasma light transmissions from the Earth plane is termed the Aqualine Sun.


Indigos, Starseeds, and the Oraphim act as conduits, transmitting ascending Aqualine Sun frequencies into the Earth. They aid in anchoring plasma infusions on the surface grid, repairing damaged networks.  The Aqualine Sun frequencies directly stream Krystal consciousness coding into the surface, allowing absorption to collect and reassemble spiritual bodies, the complete Diamond Sun body, and crystal heart. Communing with Aqualine Sun frequencies gradually removes artificial or false elements, restoring the body and consciousness to their true essence. The spiritual body integration process activates the crystalline body, crystal cells, both in the Mitochondria and within the Permanent Seed Atom at the high heart chakra.


During your daily tube of light shielding, directing the Merkaba star with consciousness to absorb Aqualine Sun violet-blue plasma frequencies under the feet and directing them into the navel center aids in recoding the lower umbilicus. Merging into the higher heart center activates the thymus role in higher monadic functioning. And at the top of the shield, merging with Galactic Suns and beyond, as plasma frequencies circulate throughout the physical being. Integrating with Galactic Suns brings back consciousness memories and instruction sets of the Divine Blueprint, thus igniting the return to the consciousness of Oneness.


Crystal Core Activation


Mother Arc Hubs (MAH), defined as one of the Planetary Grid Networks specifically designated for advanced lightwork are amplifiers of this energy. They encompass the Mother's 13th Gateway and the Trans-Harmonic Gate (Uluru – Ether).  The Cosmic Mother (Mother Arc), the 13th Gate, and the Arc Hub Gateway Network (see below) give us access to the Neutron Window – the exit from this Universe, leading us to the Zero Point. The Lightworker’s role includes anchoring and supporting the Arc Gateway and the Trinity Wave fields, with a focus on the Ether element. Additionally, the goal is to heal the distorted electron fields and access the new unity codes that are now made available to us in this New Earth era.


The Mother's Proton Seed, transmitted through Aqualine Sun frequencies, facilitates this healing and is the key to our unity consciousness. Accessing Galactic Sun frequencies through our Beloved Mother Arc creates the Aqualine Sun, connected to the plasma light from the Aquarian races in the Andromeda Core. These Plasma frequencies deeply heal us during the Ascension Cycle, involving reclaiming the Christos and Mother principles with the establishment of these Mother Arc Hubs, that connect to the Aurora and Aqualine Sun networks supporting our ascension.


Locations of the Mother Arc Gates on the Earth’s Surface are as follows:


  1. Adare, Ireland

  2. Stonehenge, England

  3. Seattle, Wash, US

  4. Manhattan Island, US

  5. Bali, South Pacific

  6. Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia

  7. Phoenix, Arizona US

  8. tlantic Ocean, SW of Bermuda (64.9W, 32.1N)

  9. Antarctica (13W, 88S)

  10. Baghdad, Iraq

  11. Newgrange Ireland

  12. Cornwall, UK

Starseeds and Indigos that can be at anyone of these locations this year before mid-November can further anchor the Mother Arc into Earth.  Visualizing the octahedron Violet blue light and chanting the sound current MAH, would be of tremendous value for individuals and for the planet.  Here is the Kundalini Yoga Meditation for the process.  It is known as the Divine Shield Meditation.



1.    Raise the right knee up with the right foot flat on the ground, toes pointing straight ahead.

2.    Place the sole of the left foot against the arch and ankle of the right foot. The ball of the left foot rests just in front of the ankle bone of the right foot.

3.    Make a fist of the left hand and place it on the ground beside the hip. Use this to balance the posture.

4.    Bend the right elbow and place it on the top of the right knee.

5.    Bring the right hand back along the side of the head with the palm facing the ear.

6.    Form a shallow cup of the right palm. Then bring it against the skull so that it contacts the skull below the ear but stays open above the ear. It is as if you formed a cup of the hand to amplify a faint sound that you want to hear.

7.    Inhale deeply and chant the mantra "MAA" in a long, full, smooth sound.

8.    Project the sound as if someone is listening to you. As you chant, listen to the sound and let it vibrate through your whole body. If you chant in a group, hear the overtones that develop and let those tones vibrate all around you and in every cell of your body.

9.    Chant at a comfortable high pitch.

10.  When you have exhaled completely, take another deep breath and continue. In a group you may all inhale at different times. The group sound will seem continuous.

11.  The eyes are closed and focused at the Brow Point.

12.  Continue 11 minutes.

To End -

1.    Inhale. Exhale, relax the breath.


1.  Change the legs and ear to the other side.

2.  Continue for an equal amount of time 11 minutes


To End -

1.    Inhale. Exhale, relax the breath.

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