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11-11 Portal and Astro Forecast

Around November 11-14, we are entering a period of exceptionally intense astrological influences. These exact alignments have only occurred once in our history – in the 1180s. Here is your cosmic weather report. The North Node is still conjunct Eris, and Goddess of discord and mayhem while her brother the planet Mars is in its ancient rulership of Scorpio. Mars is often associated with the qualities of action, determination, courage but also conflict and war. This alignment can make Mars even more potent and influential, as it feels very at home in this sign. Scorpio, known for its probing and intense nature, allows Mars to dive deep into its still waters to uncover what is below. Think of it as getting a glimpse into the darkness of the Marianas Trench! With these aspects and Pluto at the last degrees of Capricorn, many matters that have been hidden will be revealed as truths.

The most remarkable aspect of this period is the alignment of Mars, the Sun, and the Moon, opposing Uranus in Taurus on 11-11 at 1:11 pm Pacific. Uranus is a planet often linked with instability, the internet, power outages, disruptions in aviation, earthquakes, and sudden bursts of energy. It is in the earth sign of Taurus and this configuration has the potential to bring unexpected and sudden changes, both on a personal and global scale. It's essential to be prepared for unpredictability and to observe your emotions during this time. Adding to this, Uranus has a strong connection to certain geographical regions. It is important to note that it aligns with the Uranus in Iran and Turkey's astrological charts. These countries were significant points along the path of the recent solar eclipse, adding another layer of context to this period.

This is a very similar astrological pattern of certain events such as the Arab Spring and widespread protests in the United States and around the world. These occasions have been marked by a sense of disillusionment and calls for change. Additionally, this new moon lineup is opposing Jupiter, which tends to amplify the energies. Jupiter is expansion and wisdom. The great teacher. Will we learn from past mistakes, or will we repeat history? In the face of such intensity, it's crucial that we choose not to react with violence. Instead, let us advocate for peace and non-violent solutions. Understanding and managing the energy of this period is essential for maintaining personal and collective balance.

New Earth devotees have been tirelessly working in their efforts to bring more balance to themselves, their communities and the planet. Let us gather together to gain momentum and usher in more planetary and galactic connections. By focusing on nature, your breathing, moving your body, and rest, we can garner more happiness, contentment, and less worry. Remembering your focus sets your vibration, try to be careful where you are tuning your attention. This means cultivating a deeper connection to the Earth (Taurus and Capricorn) and focusing more on oneness. We are striving to move into 5D New Earth consciousness and stay there. Activativation of our Lightbodies via higher frequency vibrations can assist us in doing this.

The increasing levels of stress in the world has the effect of shutting down our higher chakras, so it is imperative to practice getting to the still zero point. We can be the silent observers, the witness from our refuge point. That is where we create from. That is where the solutions are. We can access this still point through communing with nature, forrest bathing, swimming in the natural healing waters, practicing yoga meditation and breath-work and through sound frequencies.

The good news for this 11-11 portal is the help we are receiving from tremendous plasma light frequencies upgrading our energy field. This light is not only coming from our Sun but also Sirius, often referred to as the Great Central Sun in our galaxy. Sirius holds a special place in human history and spirituality. Throughout our evolution, it is believed that Sirian Masters have come to Earth to impart knowledge about the process and science of ascension. These wise beings have left their mark on various civilizations, especially the ancient Egyptians.

Akhenaton, an Egyptian pharaoh, is known for introducing the "Principle of Oneness," or “Law of One” emphasizing the worship of the Sun God, Aton. Aton represents the I AM Presence of the Great Central Sun, Sirius. He also brought the geomancy of the Ankh, which symbolizes infinity and the Creator God of All That Is. The Aton God Body is a concept tied to these ascension teachings. It facilitates the transfer of an individual's core consciousness identity through time and space portals. These portals act as gateways to different dimensional timelines, allowing for exploration and growth.

The Aton God Body operates through the Ankh Solar Lightbody. When activated, the Aton Solar Disk within the Ankh Solar Lightbody serves as a protective shield for the individual's spiritual and physical being. It also plays a crucial role in restoring the balance of masculine and feminine energies within the body, particularly in the sacrum area. The Aton Solar Disk transforms into an embodied shield within the ascending Starseed and Angelic Human Lightbody, contributing to the restoration of the Solar Sacrum. When activated, it aligns with the 10-11-12D Solar Logos base shield beneath the feet and the 10D Solar Star above the head. As the Aton Solar Disk aligns the other chakras, it transforms the crown chakra into a guiding star, realigning to the North Star or Pole Star as taught by the yogis and often depicted as a blooming lotus flower. This transformation is often experienced as a blue light within the head, also known as the Sirian Blue Light, guiding individuals toward a spiritual "home" or connection with higher realms. The ancient Egyptians worked with these concepts and had great reverence for the blue lotus. As symbol of life and immortality, the blue lotus was believed to provide a spiritual connection into the afterlife and offer communication with the Divine, and was even mentioned in the famous ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead’.

Our recent Lightbody Kundalini classes have incorporated the teachings of the blue being Sirians, the blue lotus, zero point, the healing powers of water and many other healing modalities so we are prepared for upcoming Events and Timeline Shifts:

  • November 8-9, 2023: This marks the third and final spark of the Arc Transmissions, where massive plasma light frequencies are currently causing vibrant auroras visible as far south as Colorado and Texas. You can find more information at and here at This phenomenon is part of the November 8-12th final Spark of the Arc activation, where the 11-11 Arc portal has opened, allowing access to the Blue Lotus Tether line. This tether line, also known as the Blue Rainbow Bridge, serves as a stargate passage, enabling us to access the missing frequency bands crucial for our individual and planetary ascension.

  • By May 2024: All seals will have opened, activated, and neutralized. This is a significant milestone in the timeline.

  • Finally in August 2024: The Bright Flower Blooming 8-year cycle begins. This cycle promises growth, transformation, and new beginnings as we are fully in the new Age of Aquarius.

It's important to prepare for these events and stay grounded during this timeline shift. Choosing the path of love and understanding can help navigate these transformative times successfully

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