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Traversing the dimensions through Sound

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Scientists are now researching sound’s impact on the brain and nervous system. Many of us are familiar with the impact of sound on the physical realm from the works of the famous Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emote. Dr. Emote used music, the sound of the spoken word, thought and even typed words exposing them to water He subsequently took pictures of the water after it was crystalized into ice. The water exposed to loving words and higher vibration music showed beautiful sacred geometrical forms, and those exposed to dissonant music, and negative words and thoughts showed up as spotty, incoherent and ugly forms. As our bodies are mostly water, there is no doubt that sound and intention have a tremendous impact on our physical form.

Here is an image of the Love frequency when projected at the water juxtaposed with the frequency of hate and sickness.

It is well known that certain kinds of classical music, like Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, have a range of positive effects, including temporarily raising IQ, expanding memory and speed learning. The sound vibration can make meditation much more effective and healing. This is precisely why we are such proponents of sound healing, either with the yoga practice, breathwork or simply just laying down and receiving in savasana.

The very first manifestation of sound was the big bang explosion. The entire universe is made up of sound and light. If you ascribe to the theory of sonoluminescence, then you believe that sound created light. “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.” The first sound- the source of creation and all the other frequencies is described by the mystics and yogis as Ong. The Cosmic Pulse or Shabd Brahm (primordial or transcendental sound) was everywhere all at once vibrating.

Yogis often refer to the as The Naad. The One Naad of Divine Frequency became known as the one pulse or Uni-verse. It is called the Cosmic Pulse. This cosmic pulse is also called Pavan Guru (breath of God or Breath is the Guru). Others refer to it as the Song of the Spheres or mind of God. The pulse of the self begins with the pulse of our hearts. Many of these sound frequencies cannot be detected because they are inaudible to the human ear, yet they are there.

These frequencies were recorded by the ancients as they reached higher and higher levels of vibration. As we reach higher levels of vibration, and activate more of our DNA, we also become attuned to different sound frequencies. The highest frequency that most humans can hear is 20,000 cycles per second or 20,000 Hz. This limit gets lower as humans age. The lowest frequency a human can hear is only 20 Hz, but we can feel sounds lower than that such as for an earthquake. The hard rock and roll sound we grew up with and could feel were at the 33 and 44 hertz level. For some this music may no longer resonating with us anymore. As we approach new earth and the 5th dimension, we actually crave a new sound. I myself am always searching for the next higher vibration sound current. Some music being created now is actually at 96,000 hertz.

When you start to bring on your “junk” DNA or activating more of your DNA strands (4 strands and 5 strands) You are more receptive to the light and sound in the higher dimensions and you really want to start hearing sounds you have never heard before. You desire to hear the light sounds, the gamma rays, the infrared and the full spectrum. Why? Because, the more we connect with the higher frequency, music of the spheres, or mind of God, the more we move into the full light spectrum, our third eye turns on and we can perceive at these higher 8th -12th dimensions. Notice now the colors we can see now that were not available for us to see in the 70’s and 80’s. This is because as we enter into these higher dimensional light rays, our higher chakra centers, the pituitary and the pineal gland gets activated. We are gaining a new morphogenic field of consciousness, we are seeing, feeling and experiencing new dimensions of existence.

As the earth enters the photonic light band, and ascension codes pour in, we will experience even higher frequencies and more light codes. We are shedding density and removing darkness and this entrance into the light band is assisting us in activating our lightbodies. Our carbon based bodies are becoming lighter and more plasma based.

See diagram of photonic light band the earth has entered.

This experience of higher realms activates the crystal heart and the plasma self (8th-12th dimensional self). Thus opening what is called the Mouth of God that begins at our pranic center (first thoracic, 8th vertebrae. Earth also has a plasma field as she works through her ascension process on the way to the 5th dimensional New Earth. Before 2012 the entire planet and many humans were resonating at the 4th dimension. Now, everyone has the potential to become 5th dimensional. From 2017 to 2026 humanity will make a huge shift of consciousness being more heart centered and we will be able to see much of what was invisible before.

The most effective way to move into these higher vibrations is through the sound current. Listening to higher frequency, music, chanting mantra, and attending sound healings. Consider finding a sound healing or group yoga and meditation practice near you. If you are close by we encourage you to join us for yoga, mantra, meditation and sound healings as we navigate our way into the light of the New Earth.

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