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Winter Solstice and Stargate

Welcome to December and the upcoming Winter Solstice. November was quite the rollercoaster ride and the recent 11-11 and 11-22 activating cycles only added to the intensity of energy. A lot of us felt those ascension symptoms, which were basically our bodies going through a major clear-out of old, non-resonant energies. Clearing these distortions and reversals in our fields was like a deep cleaning for our souls. During Scorpio season we went to new levels in the transformation and now were on our way to transfiguration. The path of transfiguration unfolds stages of profound clarity and knowledge for us, allowing for permanent changes. It invites us to embrace our shadow bodies, facilitating essential healing and paving the way for the next level on our ascension path. We now stand on the brink of the 12-12 Cosmic Clock and 12-21 Winter Solstice activations. These function as gateways to higher frequency infusions and the expanded consciousness of New Earth.

Navigating Time Flux

When we enter time acceleration portals like this, it is preparing us to make leaps in time. The current acceleration and Solar Activation cycle causes time flux—a shift in rhythms that may bring unusual physical and emotional sensations. What would have once taken two years for us to accomplish in our lives may now take two weeks. You may feel that you are actually experiencing time warps or glitches in the matrix! Welcoming these changes gives us opportunities for healing and anchoring in a new timeline.

Signs of Ascension

Have you noticed the recurring number sequences like ‪11:11 and ‪12:12? These are sacred time codes reminding us of our Original Divine Blueprint and previous protection and activation events that helped us individually, collectively and planetarily.

The astrology is amplifying these 11:11 and 12:12 gateways with Mercury's presence at the Galactic Center and the Sun approaching it around the time of the new moon on 12-12-23. In this Sagittarius new moon cycle we will be integrating the higher information and light codes and feeling the energies associated with Sagittarius- freedom, truth and justice. This energy and information will help us in our transfiguring Solar Activation cycle.

Solar Activation Cycle

During this time, we have access to the upper chakras 10 to 14 for frequency infusions. These activated Stargate systems come in via the Stellar Gateway above our crown chakra and solar center (Chakra 10). This cycle is a crucial phase where multiple suns align, empowering us with much higher frequency infusions that give us the energetic thrust to connect with the alternate timelines we are about to move into.

Understanding Star Gates

Star Gates and portals aren't just cosmic passages; they're living beings and conduits for dimensional travel. Think of them linking up as a Stairway to Heaven. A nexus of Star Gates, vertical, horizontal, and diagonal realities across the God Worlds, that create a profound structure of differing realities within the outer manifestation domains.

The Cosmic Krist Codes of 12:12

The recent 11:11 cycle was tied to the Monadic level (see image) of the field and it facilitated the elimination of reversal energy and shadow dancers in our field. This release of negative energy has prepared us for the 12:12 Ascension Stargate also known as the Christos Avatar or Rishic Matrix. 12:12 Kryst Code activation signifies the resetting of the Cosmic Clock with the activation of our Flame Bodies. This helps us on our journey toward greater integration of these higher frequencies and provides a golden protection seal around us.

Monadic Override and Geomantic Veca Codes

In December, we'll be unlocking these higher dimensions with special geomantic codes (see above image) and light language mantras. These codes hold the secrets to shifting dimensions, blocking reversal or distortion networks and accessing greater knowledge. The codes, known as Veca (vector) Codes, are precise mathematical programs that correspond to time vectors, time coding we all have in our DNA. It is how you get into time space locations within your body. You do not go somewhere else, you simply open up the locks between the dimensions that allow the bodies to progressively merge and allow the frequencies to blend together. Ascension is moving through density levels that you're trying to open, but the DNA has to be receptive. The Veca Code technologies open these seals (some in the body, some in the chakras and between chakras, some in the aura) in the right sequence to facilitate healing of the subconscious mind and the activation of DNA. Thus helping us to advance on our ascension path. We learn to navigate and even intercept incoming distortions or energies that block the flow of God/Source energy. These blocked or locked channels have been called star crystal seals, which keep the chakras and dimensional levels of consciousness separate from each other in order to give us the projected illusion of only a 3-dimensional reality.

As we approach the upcoming New Year of the Dragon we will see the ingress of Pluto into Aquarius. A monumental event that many refer to as finally entering the Age of Aquarius. So many transformational and potentially turbulent events are in store for us. As well as innovative discoveries and healing energy arriving. All of humanity will awaken to realize there is so much more than this 3D reality as we continually receive solar dragon energies that activate our multidimensional angelic human nature.

We conclude this eventful year with the Winter Solstice and the powerful cosmic alignments of the 12:12 and 12:21 gateways. Let us remain open and unafraid of the higher frequencies and expanded consciousness. Remember, these cosmic activations are guiding us toward profound shifts individually and collectively. Stay positive, keep your eye on New 5D Earth and embrace the journey.

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