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We are a unique Membership association offering innovating ascension teachings and guidance via various methods including :

  • kundalini yoga, meditation, sound healing and private awakening sessions.

For the serious practitioners, we help expand awareness and elevate your practice to the next level. We provide a variety of services and various sessions to support light workers, healers and Starseeds on their path with teachings of higher frequency, elevated consciousness and sovereignty. Professional instruction, numerological and astrological insights are also offered in our retreat like setting. ​

We are family friendly



I have incredible experiences at Communitea Yoga, particularly during the Kundalini Light Body classes. The weekly infusion of new knowledge and profound insights made each session a transformative journey. The studio stands out as an innovative a truly unique approach in the world of yoga.What sets this studio apart is not only its commitment to individual growth but also the extraordinary sense of community. The kind, caring, and nurturing environment fostered here create a supportive space for personal exploration and connection with like-minded individuals. It's more than a yoga studio; it's a sanctuary where I've not only refined my practice but also discovered my inner compass. Grateful for this exceptional place and its empowering community.

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Our Space

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