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9D Portal Opening- An innovative fusion of kundalini yoga, breath-work, meditation, activations, clearings and sound to activate your greater energy body and higher chakras known at the Lightbody.


Lightbody Yoga is a multidisciplinary method of activating the light within the physical and energetic bodies.  It  is a fusion of ascension teachings, kundalini yoga, breath-work, meditation, energy healing and sound healing therapy designed to activate and strengthen the Lightbody.  Every class is a unique and different experience.  No prior knowledge or practice of yoga is required.  Show up and experience the incredible effects. every Wednesday session begins at 9:30am

Online Lightbody Kundalini

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    Start: 9:30 am


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    Ask to be admitted to the group early, at least 30 minutes before class start time of 9:30 am


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