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Spiritual Rehab

Welcome to Feel to Heal – A Journey of Loss, Addiction, Recovery, and the Road to Wholeness.

Spiritual Rehab
Spiritual Rehab

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Private Session

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Welcome to Feel to Heal – A Journey of Loss, Addiction, Recovery, and the Road to Wholeness.

Are you tired of avoiding your pain, only to find it manifesting in your body and life in ways you never imagined? Have you been numbing out the discomfort with substances or distractions, only to realize they've led you further away from true healing?

My name is Tina and I understand your journey because I've walked a similar path. I embarked on a quest for healing amidst a sea of confusion and misinformation, particularly regarding benzodiazepine use and its effects. Through years of struggle, I discovered the power of feeling, truly feeling, as the cornerstone of my healing journey.

In my spiritual practice and personal experience, I've come to recognize that our bodies are not just vessels but sacred instruments for our soul's evolution. Each of us has embarked on this human journey to learn, grow, and ultimately heal. Yet, many of us, myself included, have spent years avoiding the pain, unaware that it's the gateway to profound transformation.

Through a practice I call Ascension Yoga, we will utilize Kundalini and other modalities of Yoga, meditation, sound healing and deep introspection practices to find solace and healing. Ascension Yoga isn't just a physical practice; it's a profound system of self-psychology and healing that unlocks the dormant potential within us. It's a practice that's been kept secret for millennia, and I consider it my calling to share its transformative power with you.

My journey wasn't easy, and yours won't be either, but I'm here to guide you through the darkness to the light that awaits on the other side. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of addiction, recovery, and spiritual awakening, shedding light on the core wounds that have held you captive for lifetimes.

Whether you're struggling with addiction, chronic pain, or a deep sense of disconnection, there is hope. The universe is conspiring in your favor, supporting your journey toward wholeness and oneness.

Join me on this sacred journey of self-discovery and healing. Together, we'll unlock the dormant potential within you, guiding you back to a state of balance, vitality, and inner peace.

Your healing journey begins now. Are you ready to feel, to heal, and to reclaim your power?


  • Private Session

    Online Clients: Please ensure you are in safe quiet space where you can speak freely. In Person: Please wear comfortable clothing, and come as you are. Our address is: 2242 Alta Vista dr, Vista CA Here are the directions to the retreat center.  The address is 2242 Alta Vista Drive, Vista CA. 92084.  You will see a vertical prayer flag at the private road next to 2240 Alta Vista drive.  Follow that road and you will see a dirt parking lot adjacent to the yoga pavilion. 

    +$3.88 service fee



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