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In Person or Online

Pluto Reading

This is an unprecedented time to be alive. Pluto is entering the sign of Aquarius. See what that means for your personally according to your chart as well as where Pluto was when you were born and what it means for you now.

Pluto Reading
Pluto Reading

Time & Location

Time is TBD

In Person or Online, TBD

About The Event

We are getting a glimpse of the next 21 years! Pluto has  entered Aquarius for just three months then it will retrograding back  into Capricorn until January 21, 2024. Meaning the next election cycle  in the USA we will have Pluto in the old top down structure of the old order. However, this will not last long as Pluto puts incredible immense pressure on us to transform the corruption and greed of top-down systems and structures. Pluto in this Degree shall summon an end to all Karmic Contracts. The ‘Old’ shall now collapse rapidly. Pluto is  the great plough bringing everything buried up to the surface for us to  face.directly  It’s in the money house of the USA and we are seeing  countries around the world move away from the American dollar as the  worlds reserve currency. Banks are failing. There will be strong  pressure to move to digital currency only. Our democracy is being  challenged and much more is playin out on the world stage. When Pluto is  in Aquarius, change will come about through collective grass roots  action and group collaboration aimed at transforming our social,  economic, educational and political institutions. Pluto in  Aquarius is about the collective.  Are you doing things for the  collective vs. just your own gain?  It is also about what value can you  provide as far as a service to your community. This is going to be the  next gold.  What you can build and create is the new paradigm.  There is  going to be a trade society that opens up.  It is already here.

Find out what Pluto’s transit means  for you on a personal level.   There will be a total transformation in  the house of your natal chart with Aquarius as well as any planets that  are aspected. Pluto's transits can be difficult because  they require us to confront things we may have previously hidden, buried  or avoided with honesty and authenticity


  • 1/hr Pluto reading

    Deep and concise Pluto reading

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