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The rare occurrence of the Wood Dragon

As we step into this year, be ready to harness the unique energy that comes with the archetype of of the Wood Dragon. The Wood Dragon is a rare occurrence happening once every 60 years, therefore the last time we experienced this was 1964. Additionally, we are closing out a 12 year cycle, as that was the last time we experienced a dragon type year. 2012 was the year of the Water Dragon. Water calms Dragon energy and beneficially affects the Dragon, giving his actions wisdom and giving him knowledge about what needs to be done to move forward.  This was a significant time of spiritual awakening and shifting for many of us.  The spiritual awakening was being birthed as a new way of living because the old wasn’t working for us anymore.  This was our 12 year journey, of moving into the fertile waters of the Mother of Dragons.


This year will carry a distinct vibrancy that influences our personal and collective journeys. The Wood Dragon signifies growth, development, and harmony. This phase is about grounding the lessons and insights gained over the past 12 years, as we move from the spiritual waters of the previous cycle into a phase of grounding, integration and learning. With the dwarf planet Chiron's recent forward motion as of Dec. 30th, we are moving past the intensity of the shadow clearing and continuing forward with our healing journey, embracing our paths with newfound wisdom and purpose.


What can you expect from the Wood Dragon? It’s a year marked by curiosity, growth, and a quest for knowledge. Wood Dragons are self-assured leaders with a caring, determined, and creative nature. Their excellent communication skills, adventurous spirit, and diplomacy make them natural connectors and influencers. The Wood element is associated with balance and a natural ability to unite people. The Wood Dragon is generous, tries to follow the middle path, do not offend anyone and achieve it gently and gradually. The influence of the Wood calms his impulsiveness and changeability; if it is in his interests, the Dragon is ready to compromise.  This would be consistent with the 8 year if we look at it as a double 4. Neutral Mind.


In Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered the luckiest number of all, and is purposefully worked into wedding dates, birth dates, addresses, and finances. Even in the world of Numerology, there are people who have been known to change their name in order to add more 8s to their Numerology chart, hoping to emulate this number's level of accomplishment.

Several key themes for the year in Western Astrology are sovereignty, leadership, authority, integrity, and resilience. The North Node comes into sharper focus in Aries as it will conjunct Chiron in 2024. Expect an increase in dragon energy influencing both personal and societal awareness. Jupiter, symbolizing good fortune and expansion, shifts direct just before the new year, ushering us into 2024 with enhanced wisdom and deeper insights. Mercury comes out of retrograde simultaneously adding positivity and momentum. Throughout the year, eclipses in Aries and Libra will activate specific areas of your life continuously. However, the significant event is Pluto's transition into Aquarius, widely considered the commencement of the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius embodies ideals of independence, freedom, truth, human rights, technology, frequency, and healing. As an air sign, it accelerates movement and expands consciousness, individually and collectively. This shift towards humanity will prompt a realization of our multidimensional nature as Angelic Humans. Brace yourself for transformative shifts in beliefs, as the planet associated with Aquarius, Uranus, introduces unexpected and innovative technologies and scientific breakthroughs. Uranus signifies the higher mind, revolutionizing paradigms and facilitating quantum leaps in technology, transportation, air, and space travel. Uranus also represents, electricity, power and the internet. Being in the earth sign of Taurus, Uranus can give us big earth changes, and shake ups like earth quakes, solar flares disrupting earth ley lines and magnetic field and more instability with money, things of value and comfort.


Internationally, there's a very real risk of even more conflict/war, misuse of power by authoritarian leaders, and seemingly unstoppable military actions. Lines crossed on national and geopolitical fronts last year pave the way for transnational movements ignoring boundaries. Despite our access to immense firepower, the challenge lies in exercising restraint and avoiding impulsive reactions.

Nations should reaffirm existing alliances and forge new ones, positioning themselves strategically. It's crucial to discern when to take a stand and hold firm without yielding ground.  Preparation before September's end is pivotal, many say be ready by July-  focusing on stabilizing daily spiritual practices, financial security, close relationships, and maintaining peace at home.


Here is the Tantric Numerology for the 8 Year.


The 8 cycle, known as the Cycle of Power and Leadership, encompasses various forms of power. It can usher in prosperity, fulfill long-pursued goals and projects, fortify ambitions, and stimulate creativity. However, its immense power can also feel overwhelming at times. In the analogy of annual cycles as seasons, the 8 Cycle represents the harvest time—an era of reaping rewards. This harvest analogy is significant as it implies that post-harvest 9 year, 2025, comes fall and winter, a phase unfavorable for initiating anything new.

Despite the challenges of the 7 Cycle in 2023, laden with health issues, self-doubt and moments tempting you to abandon projects, jobs, or relationships, perseverance during that period sets the stage for reaping benefits this year. 8 is the number of infinity and it represents the executive mind. 8 has the ability to see the big picture, and delegate what needs to be done like a boss!  As a matter of fact, an 8 lives to achieve! 8’s are the master planners, excellent at strategy, have lots of energy and a fearless attitude. An 8 out of balance would be overcome by or living in fear and afraid of taking on a leadership position in any capacity.  Also, an out of balance 8 could be dictator like authoritarian! People who are 8’s are natural born leaders.  They are great at starting business. They are often heads of companies or states. And they are lucky with money. 


The gift of this cycle is a 6—a heart of compassion. Infuse all actions with this heart to avoid regrettable reactions. By mid-February, favorable events may unfold swiftly. Yet, amidst the rush, don't forget the significance of engaging the heart. Compassion, both for oneself and others, should underlie all actions.


The risk factors involve health issues affecting the lungs, heart, colon, and overall body acidity due to the fiery energy of the 8 Cycle. Managing this fire—controlling its intensity and directing it where it aids without harm—is crucial. Scheduling an early-year health check-up, address pending health concerns, and dietary adjustments such as avoiding sugar and alcohol are in order. 


The toughest months ahead for the planet may be January, August, September, and October.

8 is ruled by the Pranic Body in Tantric numerology so breath work is key!  Any practices that strengthen the Pranic Body, will give you confidence and boundless energy. I like Kirtan Kriya for opening the Pranic body and then doing breathwork.


Here is a sample portion of a reading for those who are also in an 8 year in their personal numerology. 


For Those In an 8 Personal Annual Cycle (With Its 6 Gift) in 2024: The 8 represents Action and Achievement, a celebratory time of reaping the rewards of past efforts. It's the go-ahead signal, a time for celebration and progress. However, despite this, 2024 calls for balance. Consider treating the 8 cycle as dual 4s, moving forward with a more deliberate, meditative approach. While the 8 cycle pushes for acceleration, the 6 PAC gift advises a more measured pace, especially considering the fiery nature of the 8 cycle. The number 8 signifies life force—prana, the fuel for action. To prevent burnout, prioritize pranayama exercises for sustained energy.


This year, breath techniques are crucial for everyone, but most especially those who are in an 8 year personally. Positive energy peaks in September but declines swiftly in October, signaling the onset of the forthcoming "winter cycle" of 2025 (the 9 "Endings" PAC). This phase brings a dormancy in energy that will persist through most of 2025, where all growing aspects revert to their core roots.

  1. Take action cautiously; old issues might trigger reactive responses.

  2. Move forward slowly with clarity unless impatience jeopardizes progress.

  3. Avoid new activities until fall 2025.

  4. Temper the fiery ego for positive outcomes, seeing the divine through action.

  5. Stay alert, honoring the wisdom of the 6 PAC Gift.

  6. Elevate spiritual practices, staying connected to the "Big Boss", Source.

  7. Have plans settled by late September 2024 for the impending winter cycle.

  8. Avoid material decision changes post-September despite concerns in October.


Month Overview:

Strong Months: February, April, May, June, July, September

Challenging Months: January, March, August, October onwards through December which may offer romantic distractions.


Health: Address heart, lung, and digestion issues. Prioritize easy aerobic exercise, weight management, and improved nutrition.

Finance: Prosperity if distractions are avoided, and risks limited. No new moves after September.

Romance/Partnership: Decisive till September; caution after. December romance might be fleeting or deepen existing relationships.


Practices to Help Support You Yoga/Meditation/Pranayam Resources

  1. Pranayam is the big key – Long Deep Breathing, One Minute Breath.  Breath of Fire at short times to build energy; better yet do 8-to-1 Segmented Breathing for a more sustainable boost.

  2. Chant Wahe Guru 16 times on the breath (or more); do it daily 7-11 minutes at a time.

  3. Do the yoga set “Build the Command Reflex.”

  4. Meditation to Harmonize the Eighth Body

  5. Sit up straight either in a crossed legged position on the ground or in a chair with both feet on ground.

  1. Place the thumbs inside the fists of both hands

  2. Inhale as you bring the fists together in front of the heart with palms facing down

  3. Exhale as you extend the arms out to the sides

  4. Inhale to a count of 4

  5. Hold the breath in to a count of 4

  6. Exhale to a count of 4

  7. Hold out to a count of 4

  8. Practice for 3 - 11 minutes



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