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Time is TBD


In person or online

Astrology Readings

Detailed Astrology Reading including Starseed details, Progressions, Pars of Fortune, Transit and More!

Astrology Readings
Astrology Readings

Time & Location

Time is TBD

In person or online, TBD

About The Event

Sessions are based in Western astrology. Birthday, time and place of  birth are required for the reading. Learn about your personal planets  and outer planets and the aspects.  Find out about your North Node and  Pars of Fortune. Both are clues to your dharma path and areas to focus  your life. Learn about current planetary transits and how they affect  the positions of your natal planets and so much more. Numerology can be added for a reduced price. Please inquire.


  • Full Astrology Reading

    +$3.88 service fee
  • Pluto Reading

    This is a special reading as Pluto on Jan 20, 2024 enters Aquarius. It is the end of an era. Pluto is the Planet of POWER, DESTRUCTION, DEATH, and DISEASE. But it is also the Phoenix rising from the ashes. We should be prepared for our reality to continue to feel like it is shattering as the 3D matrix continues to dismantle. Find out which astrological house this is happening in for you personally.

    +$2.20 service fee
  • Add Numerology

    Get your personal numerology for a reduced price.

    +$1.38 service fee



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