Our Guided Meditations


Discover the miracle of Pranayama, nourishing breath.  Boost your Chi, get a beautiful clarity and natural high from your own supply. Pavan Pavan! The Breath is the Guru!

ProsperiTea Meditation-

Based on the work of Dr. Joe Dispense, Eden Energy Medicine, Matrix Energetics, Ester Hicks (Abraham) and others, this Powerhouse Meditation is not your average quiet meditation. This is an active meditation where we will be using mental imagery to unplug from old patterns and beliefs that don’t serve us. In this dynamic class, Energy and Sound Healer Gloria Taylor invites the body/mind/spirit to dive deeper emotionally.

This encourages and teaches the body/mind/spirit how it feels to actually receive grace, love, courage, and much much more. Join us on the adventure, as we fire and wire together new neuro-nets and neurotransmitters, helping us to create higher cohesive frequencies, that will manifest our desires and realities at an accelerated pace. 

Mediation for Memory and Brain Function

Kundalini Yoga has specific mediations like -Kirtan Kriya, an active meditation used to improve memory and brain function. It works wonders for those with neurological issues including early dementia and Alzheimers. UCLA and other prestigious universities are studying the amazing effects of this mediation. The result are so positive and inspiring that the studies are being replicated all over the world.


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