Healing Modalities

What is Sound Healing?

The science of sound healing and how the sound current can affect the body has been known for thousands of years. Think yogi’s and monks chanting. The frequency of the sounds can penetrate the body, resonating the cells and bringing them into harmony and balance.

The speed and vibration of sound can be felt throughout the entire form. Have you ever felt the sound of a gong playing? Different sounds can cause different vibrations in the brain and the body. The most healing sound for your body is the sound of your own voice. This is why mantra, singing, toning and chanting are so good for you brain and your endocrine system and used so prevalently in Kundalini and Naam Yoga.

Different sounds can balance and synchronize the brain so it is more alert, focused or relaxed depending on the frequency of the sounds. The result is a healthier body and a happier person.

Sound work is “creating a frequency and vibration for someone that’s conducive for him or her to heal. Sound healing is trending up. It’s like where yoga was 15 years ago. People are realizing that sound is a viable medium to address distress, enhance learning, even work with an autistic child.” Joshua Leeds, the author of The Power of Sound and an expert in the field of psychoacoustics, the study of the effects of sound on the human nervous system.

At CommuniTea we truly believe in this science and offer sound healing in many of our classes, events and private sessions.

What is Harmonyum Healing?

Harmonyum is a gentle hands-on healing system directed at the spine, brain and internal organs.

Harmonyum employs the ancient art of utilizing the acupuncture meridians via the body’s electromagnetic field. According to Chinese meridian theory, meridians are the communication structure for energy in the same way that veins and arteries are the communication for blood throughout the body and nerve tracks are the communication for neural messages.

The energy that travels through meridians influences all other body fluids such as blood and hormones and all other systems such as the nervous system, immune system and cardiovascular system. The Harmonyum Healing System floods the meridians with the highest vibrations causing a cascade of revitalization to the body and advancement of the mind.

Harmonyum is a powerful, elegant, spiritual healing system that was developed with the aim of making self-healing possible. It addresses disease at the mental and emotional level so that it may no longer exist in the physical body. Harmonyum leads to glowing health, vigor, happiness and increased longevity through the slowing of the aging process.

Harmonyum promotes excellent health in the body and spirit by nurturing and strengthening one’s primal essence.  It promotes profound states of deep relaxation and restores the body to an ideal state of balance and harmony. Continuous treatments release the body’s innate healing wisdom and bestow the effects of years of meditation, bringing you into a higher cycle of manifestation.

What is Energy Healing?

Brennan Healing Science is an energy healing modality pioneered by Barbara Brennan, physicist and former NASA researcher. Based on a highly developed conceptual and philosophical framework, it combines hands-on healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes.

Practitioners work with the “energy consciousness system,” which includes the physical body, the chakras, the various levels of the aura, the dimension of hara/intention, and the core star/spark of the divine. Brennan Healing Science aims to help recipients clear energy blocks and unhealthy patterns, find their soul’s task, and connect to their divine qualities. The work also promotes physical, mental and emotional stability and well-being.

Reiki Healing?

Hands on healing using life force energy to create harmony and balance in the body. Practitioners tap into the Reiki energy and send it through the bodies meridians to remove blockages and dis-ease.


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