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Yogi Tea

The Restorative Tonic of Kundalini Gurus and Practitioners “To live a life of excellence where you control things and not the other way around, drink Yogi Tea because it gives you a constant maintenance to wake up inside of you, not just outside of you” Yogi Bhajan In...

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Many of us think we know what meditation is.  Here in the West we are taught to sit quietly and try not to think about anything.  Well this is virtually impossible! And most people, after trying to do this realize they cannot stop their mind chatter, so they get...

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A Journey To Healing

I am still amazed at the level of healing I receive from this practice.  A short time ago my nerves were shot.  I was in severe adrenal fatigue.  I was completely burned out physically and mentally.  I thought I had a handle on my very busy and lucrative career, but...

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